What is Autodesk Construction Cloud?

By Jim Stephen | BIM, Collaboration, Data Management

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects teams and project data from design to done—reducing risk, protecting profits, and increasing predictability. It combines the core construction products into one unified solution to keep your crew aligned.

What are the various Autodesk Construction Cloud products?

The work may be challenging, but the software shouldn’t be. Autodesk Construction Cloud products help you build better in a simple, user-friendly interface. Here are some of the products:


Manage all of your construction drawings, RFIs, and submittals seamlessly between the office and field with super-easy-to-use web and mobile apps for your whole project team. No gated features; everything at your fingertips for one transparent price.



Win more work with accurate estimates by leveraging automation to empower estimators to create competitive bids faster. Easily perform 2D takeoffs and generate automatic quantities from 3D BIM models within a single takeoff solution.



Automate clash detection and connect issues across designers, trades, and construction teams to better manage design collaboration and model coordination. Connect and streamline your processes across your entire project lifecycle.

How do you connect workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction?

You can bring every project team together from design to turnover on a single construction software solution. You connect workflows and collaborate securely from a single source of truth.

Here is a diagram of how linked workflows move information between teams quickly, and critical context doesn’t get lost along the way. Plan, escalate, and resolve work—all in one place.

Connect Construction Workflow

Why do you need one platform for all?

Manage jobs with a simple interface built to keep projects running efficiently and effectively. But why do you need only one platform?

  • Reduce Rework | Easily access project files to reduce rework
  • Increase Profitability | Track spending from start to finish
  • Boost Reputation | Finish projects on time and on budget


Who uses Autodesk Construction Cloud?

You can seamlessly collaborate with powerful, simple software that connects critical workflows with any of the following project stakeholders:

  • General Contractors | Reduce cost and improve transparency by connecting the field and office.
  • Subcontractors | Deliver on time and on budget with connected tools for the field and the office.
  • Designers | Seamlessly collaborate on coordinated, constructible designs wherever you are.
  • Owners | Connect with your build partners for greater visibility into your project portfolio.


Improve project outcomes with predictive insights and analytics.

Disconnected data creates confusion. Connected data empowers confident decisions. Bring all project data together in one place for predictive insights that help you reduce risk and increase margins.

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Published on July 21, 2022 in BIM, Collaboration, Data Management.

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