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Autodesk Construction Cloud introduces Bridge, new data sharing capabilities to transform construction collaboration

Autodesk launched Bridge, a new collaboration capability that empowers construction teams to share only relevant data with project stakeholders, regardless of whether they are on the same team or building project within Autodesk Construction Cloud. Bridge gives teams control over their respective project data sets by enabling them to share select sheets, folders, and files with collaborators without having to share all project information. The new collaboration capabilities delivered by Bridge lessen the need for manual data transfer and management and provide confidence that everyone is working from the same information, minimizing rework and saving teams time and money that directly impacts their bottom lines.


“Communicating relevant information with each stakeholder in a timely manner can be a manual and time-consuming process that often leads to data loss and miscommunication, putting us at risk of rework, increased costs, and extended timelines,” said Luis Angel Garcia, BIM specialist, SSOE Group.

“On the other hand, sharing entire projects with team members can compromise privacy and requires tedious permission setting. Autodesk Construction Cloud’s Bridge gives us the flexibility to automatically share relevant information with stakeholders, while still maintaining control over our project data. Bridge radically simplifies our collaboration across teams and projects so we can deliver work on time and within budget.”


“Every construction project is different and our customers need flexibility to collaborate according to the needs of each project,” said Sameer Merchant, vice president of product development, Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Additionally, different stakeholders need to maintain agency of the data pertinent to their work on a project. Bridge introduces a transformational new collaboration capability that gives teams the autonomy and flexibility to manage their own data. Project stakeholders can maintain their own project instances and save on the time, cost, and confusion that often results from having to manage external collaborator permissions and manual ‘send and receive’ workflows.”


Bridge connects project data for internal and external teams

Bridge empowers project members with the flexibility they need to share relevant information with different teams and projects using Autodesk Construction Cloud, facilitating smoother collaboration to complete projects on time and within budget.

  • General Contractors have a simple solution to coordinate work between their trades and provide visibility to owners while ensuring owned project information is documented and saved in a centralized location. Whether they are working on a large project and want to split each component into its own sub-project or want to break out projects for trades to meet privacy mandates set by owners, general contractors can now use Bridge to share data with different teams and projects from one main, easy-to-manage instance.
  • Specialty trades can share necessary information such as project install progress with general contractors while maintaining their respective data within their own project instances. If they have multiple ongoing projects, trade teams can also aggregate their data into one main, easy-to-manage internal location for an aggregate view that strengthens analytics and future decision making.
  • Owners have clear visibility into project performance and construction documentation when they link data using Bridge. Information is not lost in manual “send and receive” workflows and the data needed to make timely project decisions becomes easier to find.
  • Designers can communicate the latest design documents with owners and contractors and keep a pulse on how design intent is being upheld during construction. Bridge enables designers to protect intellectual property and share only necessary sheets and files while also reducing time spent on manual “send and receive” workflows.


Share sheets and files.

With the right permissions, easily select any Sheets or Files to share with another project within the same account, or to a project within a different account.

Bridge - Share sheets and files


Set up automations.

Ensure all teams have the most up-to-date versions by setting up and managing automated sheet sharing.

Bridge - Share sheets and files


Create direct project linking.

Take information sharing to the next level by connecting stakeholders across accounts, providing contact details for collaborators, and making disconnecting and removing automation at the end of a project a one-click process.

Bridge - Create direct project linking


Bridge is now available at no additional cost to customers using Autodesk Construction Cloud’s web applications — Build, Collaborate & Takeoff.

Want to see Bridge in action? For more info or a demo, please contact Microsol Resources.


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Get the latest version of Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Revu gives you the smart tools you need to keep your team in sync and get the job done right—anytime, anywhere.

Important: You’ll need your Revu 20 serial number and product key to unlock the software. If you’re a license owner with active Maintenance, you can upgrade to get your Revu 20 serial number and product key here.


What’s New with Bluebeam Revu 20.2?

  • Setting page scale improvements: Ability for users to save their commonly used page scales into the preset list, ensuring the accuracy of takeoffs. Additionally, there will be an option to apply a standard, user-defined y-axis scale across multiple pages.
  • Flexible length measurement Unit: In Revu 20.2, users can set the length unit independently of the page scale, helping them bid faster & submit more bids, plus it gives international customers the flexibility to take off materials based on project requirements.
Revu 20.2.70

29 March 2022

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where selecting fonts in DPT would crash Revu.
  • Fixed an issue where text added to a text box was not being recorded in a Session.
  • Fixed an issue where check in information was not updated in the SharePoint version history dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where signature was incorrectly showing as invalid.
  • Fixed an issue where Solid Line Style was being overwritten and replaced with Cloud Style.
  • Fixed an issue where use of full-width Japanese character as input for scale was crashing Revu.
  • Fixed an issue where Stamp folder location is not exported into Revu Preferences XML.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect Revu version was displayed in About information.
Revu 20.2.60

25 October 2021

What’s New

  • Studio users will now remain signed in until they choose to sign out.

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where tools could appear in the wrong Tool Set.
  • Fixed an issue where automatically creating form fields was corrupting the file in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where copying text with ligated characters would result in an incomplete selection.
  • Fixed an issue where canceling an error dialog would close the document with unsaved changes.
  • Fixed an issue where inserting pages from PDFs with bookmarks wasn’t working in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where some images were rendered as black squares.
  • Fixed an issue where files could bloat when adding IGC digital certificates.
  • Fixed an issue where Revu could freeze when repeatedly copying and pasting certain markups.
Revu 20.2.50

31 August 2021

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed a SharePoint Extension issue with the “Open In Revu” context menu when multi-tenant deployed.
  • Updated SharePoint authentication to default to “Modern”.
  • Fixed an issue where converting an Outlook email to a PDF was displaying an error message.
  • Fixed an issue causing files to be incorrectly considered as edited on open.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to delete or insert pages on some multi-page files.
  • Fixed an issue where Revu could crash during the creation of Reports with long file names.


Revu 20.2.40

20 July 2021

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where Windows Updates led to some crashes for deployed installations.
  • Fixed multiple related issues where file sizes were getting inflated by digitally signing a PDF.
  • Fixed an issue where the AutoCAD plugin couldn’t be enabled by Standard Users.
  • Fixed a bug causing text corruption after using Batch Sign and Seal with a PFX type digital ID.
  • Fixed a bug causing PDF Summary to substitute the Euro symbol for the space in the thousands separator.
  • Corrected Rise/Drop value in Annotations List when drawing calibrated using a preset scale of 1:10 or 1:20.
  • Fixed an issue blocking Batch Slip Sheet when “Insert revised pages before current…” was selected.
  • Updated support for FileOpen, assuring secured PDFs can open.
  • Fixed a bug where Batch Overlay wasn’t respecting the “Advanced Colour Shading” setting.


Revu 20.2.30

18 May 2021

What’s New

Plugin support for the latest versions of AutoCAD, Revit and Navisworks.

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed an issue causing content to not display as expected.
  • Fixed a bug causing some files not to open with the SharePoint extension.


Revu 20.2.20

14 April 2021

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing Revu to not delete temporary PostScript files after printing.


Revu 20.2

16 March 2021

  • Revu 20.2 features improved measurement tools based on feedback from customers like you, including the ability to easily set scale across multiple drawings and apply length units independently of page scale.


Why buy your Bluebeam license through Microsol Resources?

  1. We are experts
    We are experts in Bluebeam software. At times, our customers have interaction/interoperability issues with their design and design and construction tools, and our technical team is capable of identifying and solving those issues quickly.
  2. Outstanding technical support
    All software sold by Microsol Resources is provided with one-on-one troubleshooting technical support via phone or email at no additional cost.
  3. We are local and work in the same time zone.
    We understand that companies can’t afford to halt their projects because of software problems. If you ever encounter an issue with your Bluebeam software, you can reach out directly to us and get support within the same day – often immediately or within minutes. We understand how valuable your time is, and our technical team can help you resolve your issue as soon as possible.


Microsol Resources is a Bluebeam Platinum Partner that exemplifies best-in-class customer service, Bluebeam product knowledge, and training.

Download your free 30-day trial of Bluebeam today!


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Bluebeam will be Terminating Sale of Older Versions of Revu

Bluebeam announces that Bluebeam Revu 2018 & 2019 will not be available for purchase effective on February 23, 2022

Bluebeam has informed us that effective February 23, 2022, it will no longer sell new licenses of older versions of Bluebeam Revu. Furthermore, It also announced that it will only continue to support these older versions for 1 year, until February 22, 2023. What does this mean for you?

If all  or some of your Bluebeam Revu licenses are version 2018 or 2019, with or without Maintenance:

  • As stated above, the last day for you to buy these licenses is February 22, 2022, which is coming up very shortly. However, we would not recommend this path, as you would be buying licenses that almost immediately would be set for retirement. We would instead recommend that any new licenses you buy in the next few days be of the latest version, Revu 2020, with Maintenance. With Maintenance, you will benefit from improvements that will be coming and licensing changes that may occur (please see below for the benefits of Maintenance).
  • With regard to your current older licenses, we recommend upgrading them to Revu 2020 with Maintenance at your earliest possibility, as they will no longer be supported in 1 year.
If all Bluebeam Revu licenses you own are version 2020 with Maintenance:
  • This announcement has no effect on your licenses, and you are in an excellent position to benefit from any improvements and changes that may occur.
If all Bluebeam Revu licenses you own are version 2020 without Maintenance:
  • This announcement has no effect on your current licenses, but we would advise you to add Maintenance, to benefit from any improvements and changes that may occur.




Benefits of Maintenance

  • Get free upgrades to the latest version of Revu while your term is active, and you will have access to any bug fixes released on that version.
  • Receive access to direct phone and email support with Microsol Resources’ Bluebeam Certified Instructors and experts
  • Easily upload and distribute mobile-optimized drawings to any device in the field with Bluebeam Drawings
  • Get access to our growing resources of how-to, troubleshooting, and training materials located on our TECH Resources, as well as our educational webinars.


As always, we want to partner with you to provide the best possible support for our customers. You may also find this article helpful on The Top 20 Helpful Tips & Tricks for Bluebeam Revu.


Questions? You can reach us by calling (888)768-7568 or email us at

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