Autodesk Build | Connect field and project management workflows.

Seamlessly collaborate and deliver projects on time, and on budget with the construction project and field management software. When Autodesk acquired PlanGrid in 2018, it was incorporated into Autodesk Build, which brought together Autodesk’s cloud-based construction software offerings.


Improve construction management and empower all builders with connected teams, workflows, and data.

Project Management
Ensure projects stay on track; improve collaboration and reduce miscommunication, error, and rework.

Quality Management
Track all issues in one place and resolve them earlier. Reduce costly rework and keep projects on schedule.

Safety Management
Develop easy-to-adopt, repeatable safety programs and get all team members to take ownership of site safety.

Cost Control
Connect project management and field execution data to cost activities to understand root causes and scope cost impacts.

Do you have PlanGrid & want to switch to Autodesk Build?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about the benefits of switching from Plangrid to Autodesk Build.

When your renewal date approaches for your PlanGrid subscription, you now have the choice to renew your subscription with us on the Autodesk Build platform. We can assist you and your team to transition on the Autodesk Account and the Unified Platform hub, add and assign users, and create a sample project. You can request assistance by contacting us.


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