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In a recent announcement, Autodesk has unveiled changes to its software purchasing model that will take effect from June 10, 2024. This shift means a direct transactional relationship between customers and Autodesk for software acquisitions, marking a departure from the traditional method of purchasing through authorized resellers like Microsol Resources.

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Key Changes

Direct Purchase from Autodesk

Starting June 10, 2024, customers will be required to buy Autodesk software directly from Autodesk, excluding specific products and government agencies, which will continue to be available through resellers like Microsol Resources.

Maintained Partnership

Despite this change, Microsol Resources will continue to serve as a crucial partner for customers. Support, training, and quote requests will still be facilitated by Microsol Resources. However, the actual transaction will occur directly through Autodesk.

Quoting & Configuration

Microsol Resources will configure quotes for customers based on Autodesk’s pricing. Customers will receive quotes from Autodesk via email, and the order will be placed directly with Autodesk after approval.

Payment Process

The payment transaction will no longer be handled by Microsol Resources. Customers will pay directly from within their Autodesk accounts, providing a seamless purchasing experience.


Preparing for the Change

Setting Up Autodesk as a Vendor: To streamline the invoicing process, customers are advised to set up Autodesk as a vendor in their procurement systems. Microsol Resources can assist in this process. Visit our article on  How to Set up Autodesk as a Vendor in Your Procurement System to find the information you need.

Payment Methods: Autodesk accepts various payment methods, including:

  • Credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club
  • ACH/direct debit: Money transfer from your bank account
  • PayPal: Credit or debit transactions, or use PayPal Credit


What Customers Need to Consider

Consistent Pricing

Customers can expect a consistent price for Autodesk software, set by Autodesk. Microsol Resources will receive payment from Autodesk for facilitating the transaction and assisting our clients.

Support Continuity

Microsol Resources commits to continuing support for customers at no additional cost, maintaining the level of service we have provided throughout our partnership.


Action Plan for Customers

Phase 1 | Before June 10, 2024
  1. Of course, we will sell you new licenses if you need to buy new ones. Between now and June 3, 2024, you can still buy Autodesk software from us the old-fashioned way. But keep in mind that there is a blackout period to process orders between June 3-10, 2024.
  2. If you have a renewal coming up between now and June 10, 2024, by all means, we will renew it.
  3. If you have a renewal between June 10, 2024, and September 7, 2024, you may elect to renew it before June 3 with us with the current process at current prices.
  4. Finally, if you have a renewal after September 7, 2024, you may want to start a new contract before June 10, 2024, and extend your existing contract(s) for as long as possible using the current process at the current pricing. Starting a new contract means buying one or more new licenses of any Autodesk software and extending your existing contract(s) until the end of this new contract. In all cases, we will suggest that you buy or renew or extend for 3 years instead of only 1, not just to lock in the price but also to lock in the process.
Phase 2 | After June 10, 2024
  • Initiate new contracts for Autodesk software, preferably for a 3-year term, to secure pricing and processes.
  • Work with Microsol Resources to set up an account in Autodesk’s portal for direct purchases.
  • Refer to the guide on How to Set up Autodesk as a Vendor in Your Procurement System for assistance during the transition.


Where do I go for support?

Microsol Resources is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for customers during this shift in the Autodesk software purchasing model.

We encourage you to contact your Microsol Resources Autodesk Account Executive or send us an email to get detailed information about the new buying process.

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