Terms & Conditions

Financing Purchases

The online store accepts only bank cards. Microsol Resources sales representatives may offer other payment options. Please contact your Account Executive at Microsol Resources directly or email for more information.

Processing Online Payments
We process charges for your order as soon as our systems can complete the order and make your software or services available online. Processing typically takes a few minutes but can take up to 24 hours. Check with your payment provider for information about when charges will post to your account.

Paying Taxes and Fees

Depending on the order, sales tax may be calculated and charged. Sales tax charges are calculated based on your location and appear on the order review screen after you enter your billing address.

Tax Exempt Customers: We cannot process tax exempt orders in the online store at this time. Please contact your Account Executive at Microsol Resources directly or email for more information.

Orders Placed Directly with Microsol Resources Online Store
Microsol Resources will refund in full orders for product subscriptions purchased directly from the online store within 7 days of the initial purchase. Contact your Account Executive at Microsol Resources directly or email within 7 days of purchase to contact us and request a refund. Provide your order information to help us identify your order and issue your refund.Microsol Resources generally takes 5 business days to approve and process your refund. We then issue a credit to the card you used when purchasing. We refund the full cost of your order, including taxes and other fees.

Accessing Software & Cloud Services after a Return

When a refund is issued for a software purchase, your license to use the software and associated services is deactivated. This includes serial numbers and activation information for subscriptions to Autodesk software. You can no longer use the software or access services after we issue the refund.

Recurring Billing for Subscriptions

Your order for Autodesk subscriptions automatically renew when your contract expires to ensure you have continuous access. You will be charged for a new subscription term on the renewal date listed in your Autodesk Account. Microsol Resources eStore uses the payment method you entered during purchase for subscription renewal. If you prefer to use a different payment method for recurring billing for subscription renewal, you can contact your Account Executive at Microsol Resources directly or email

Requesting a Refund after Automatic Renewal

Renewal charges for existing subscriptions purchased directly from Microsol Resources are not eligible for refund. To stop a subscription from renewing automatically, send an email to five (5) days before the subscription renewal date. You retain access to software and services until the renewal date but are not automatically charged for a new term. Access to your software and services ends on your subscription renewal date.