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What is Autodesk Forma? Why is it important to the AEC workflow?

Building information modeling (BIM) must evolve from today’s linear development process, with handovers and data loss, to a world of connected software and processes that enable data to generate greater outcomes.

Autodesk has seen how the industry has transformed and adopted new technologies—whether this is the shift from drafting table to AutoCAD, the introduction of Revit, or the extension of BIM to the cloud with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Forma (formerly Spacemaker) was announced at last year’s Autodesk University 2022 trade show as a standalone cloud that would encompass all of the technology giant’s architecture, engineering, and construction workflows.

Forma will expand Autodesk’s vision to the entire architecture, engineering, construction, and owners (AECO) ecosystem, to bridge software, processes, and teams and ultimately deliver better projects.

See how Autodesk Forma helps planning and design teams deliver projects digitally from day one, and use conceptual design capabilities, predictive analytics, and automation to make solid foundations for your projects.

What is Autodesk Forma?

Autodesk Forma (formerly Spacemaker) helps planning and design teams deliver projects digitally from day one. Use conceptual design capabilities, predictive analytics, and automation to make solid foundations for your projects.

  • Unlock efficiencies with intuitive project setup, design automation, and fluid connectivity with Revit

  • Use data-driven insights in real-time to make fast, smart design decisions that reduce risk and improve business and sustainability outcomes

  • Improve collaboration and secure buy-in by using data and visuals to tell a compelling design story that can help you win more bids

What you can do with Autodesk Forma?

Better decision support with real-time analytics

Uncover greater insights into your site and its surroundings in real-time with AI-powered analyses for key factors such as sunlight, daylight potential, wind, and microclimate. Better insights mean better outcomes.

Make, evaluate, and optimize for better projects

Model complex design concepts in full 3D in just minutes. Test and evaluate multiple design solutions, and optimize for a multitude of constraints.

Bring your data and designs downstream

Connect your favorite design tools to Forma through extensions. Starting with fileless sync with Revit, Autodesk Forma helps project teams fluidly move proposals from planning into detailed design.

Sun analysis using Forma
Sun analysis using Forma

Other capabilities of Autodesk Forma

Automatic datasets

Forma sources specific datasets such as terrain, buildings, and boundaries (select markets only).

Smart design tools

Draw fluidly in 2D and 3D with dynamic tools that automate functions and takeoffs while you design.

Parking design

Rapidly get relevant parking metrics including number of parking spots and access driveways.

Powered by cloud computing

Continue to design while you run analyses in the cloud. See the results in seconds or minutes.

Import and export

With support for file formats, including IFC and OBJ, move your work to and from other AEC software.

Free viewer access

Share your projects in the cloud with team members, regardless of subscription status.

Daylighting analysis using Forma

Discover the power of Forma in the AEC Collection

Video: Interoperability features in Autodesk Forma

Connect your BIM to data-driven design

Connect your design workflow from Forma to Revit and back again, from desktop to cloud.


Video: Demonstrating how to use Autodesk Forma to improve site studies

Revolutionize your site planning

Win more projects by rapidly studying your sites with real-time key figures and design tools.

Get started today with Autodesk Forma

Architects and urban planners can get started today with the first set of capabilities on Forma. Focused on expanding the BIM process into early planning and design, these cloud-based capabilities provide conceptual design tools, predictive analytics, and design automation, empowering planning and design teams to set solid foundations for their projects.

Available to buy an Autodesk Forma standalone, or as part of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.


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Bluebeam Ends Sales of Perpetual Licenses, Open & Enterprise Licensing

Bluebeam is moving Revu from a licensing and maintenance model to a subscription model and now offers three Bluebeam Plans with functionality on desktop, web, and iOS mobile to boost your productivity. You can read this FAQ on the various Bluebeam Plans, see the comparison chart of the features, and find out which plan is best for you and your team. They are: 

As Bluebeam continues its business transition to offering subscription and cloud-based solutions, two important changes are coming soon. 

  • After September 30, 2023, Bluebeam will only offer subscription plans for new or additional user access to Revu 21 and will no longer sell new, additional, and renewals of:
    • Revu 20 perpetual licenses: Standard, CAD, eXtreme  
    • Maintenance plans
    • Open Licensing 
    • Enterprise Licensing 
  • Maintenance and Open Licensing renewals will be processed as cost-neutral upgrades to the Bluebeam Complete subscription plan. 

Customers with active Maintenance may continue upgrading to the Bluebeam Complete subscription plan at any time for no additional cost. You can read this article that has tips on self-upgrading your Bluebeam subscription.

What does Bluebeam’s end of perpetual license sales mean for me?


Scenario One: Upgrade to the Latest Version of Revu

We recommend transitioning to the latest version, Revu 21, as soon as possible, so you can leverage up-to-date functionality and get the most out of your investment with Bluebeam.


Scenario Two: Continue Using the Unsupported Version of Revu

That said, you can choose to use an older version of Revu — even after you transition to a subscription — to minimize disruption on your active projects.

If you have additional questions about these various scenarios or need help upgrading your Bluebeam licenses, feel free to reach out to us at


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What’s New with Autodesk 2024?

Interested in seeing what the new Autodesk 2024 features can do for you? Microsol Resources hosts these annual webinar series on What’s New with Autodesk that showcase and highlight the newest features of the various Autodesk products on the different versions.

You can watch the webinar recordings of each (see below) to learn about the new features in action and learn some share tips and tricks along the way. In this article, we will share the links on:

  • What’s new with AutoCAD 2024
  • What’s new with Revit 2024
  • What’s New with Autodesk Collaboration Software for Designers?
  • What’s New with Autodesk Collaboration Software for Construction?
  • What’s New With AutoCAD + Docs for Design Professionals?
  • What’s New with Autodesk Build & PlanGrid?
  • What’s new with Autodesk Takeoff?

Stay ahead of the curve and see the demos of the new features with our building and infrastructure specialists.

What’s New With AutoCAD 2024?

AutoCAD 2024 includes several new features that help customers accelerate their creativity and improve their user experience with tailored functionality, resulting in a connected and more automated design process.

In this video, you will see new, innovative features in AutoCAD 2024 that help customers accelerate their creativity and improve their user experience with tailored functionality, resulting in a connected and more automated design process.

New AutoCAD 2024 features and assistive machine learning technology pave the way for teams to unlock insights and leverage automation—all with the power of the software trusted by millions to draft, engineer, and automate design workflows anywhere, anytime.

Tailor AutoCAD for your business needs and your specific industry through customizations—including APIs, thousands of third-party apps, and seven specialized toolsets with over 750,000 symbols, parts, and detail components.

AutoCAD 2024 features new performance enhancements for 2D graphics and increased stability, fidelity, and performance improvements including up to 9x faster switching between layout tabs compared to AutoCAD 2023.* AutoCAD 2024 installation is also improved with an install up to 2x faster than AutoCAD 2023.

What’s New with Revit 2024?

If you’re a Revit user interested in staying up-to-date with the latest improvements, watch this video as Roger Liucci, Senior BIM Specialist from Microsol Resources, provides an in-depth look at the latest updates to Revit and showcases how they can improve your workflows and project outcomes.

What’s New with Autodesk Collaboration Software for Designers?

Today, collaboration and access to information from anywhere, and at any time, is critical to successful project management in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

Connect critical workflows with Autodesk Construction Cloud, a powerful, simple construction management platform. When this connectivity, information is exchanged quickly between teams without losing vital context.

Today, collaboration and access to information from anywhere, and at any time, is critical to successful project management. The Autodesk Construction Cloud connects teams and project data from design to done—reducing risk, protecting profits, and increasing predictability. It combines the core construction products into one unified solution to keep your crew aligned.
Watch this video where Maria Adames, AEC Applications Specialist at Microsol Resources provides an overview of Autodesk Construction Cloud and reviews the key product portfolio features including Autodesk Docs, Build, and Takeoff.

What’s New With AutoCAD + Docs for Design Professionals?

With AutoCAD’s powerful design tools and Docs’ cloud-based document management system, you can access your designs and documents from anywhere and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Microsol Resources’ AutoCAD and Docs expert, Maria Adames who is the Jr. AEC Applications Specialist, guides you through the features and benefits of this powerful combination and shows you how to maximize your productivity and creativity. Watch this video to learn how Autodesk AutoCAD and Docs can help design professionals streamline their workflows and improve collaboration.

What’s New with Autodesk Build & PlanGrid?


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