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Ideate Software

Revit users who design, build, operate, and maintain built environments can streamline workflows with Ideate Software applications. You can trust your building information model is accurate when using these applications to easily manage all your Revit data.

Microsol Resources is a partner of San Francisco based, Ideate Software that builds Revit software plugins to help customers get the most out of Autodesk Revit software.


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Microsol Resources is committed to providing outstanding customer service. As a team, we are passionate about helping customers improve their productivity and overall business processes. We have the skills to not only assist you, but enable you to gain a competitive advantage as you stay updated with the most recent technologies.
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“I have a very interesting relationship with Microsol Resources. You don’t expect your software vendor to actually help you make strategic decisions about your company. The fact that Microsol Resources is interested in design excellence in addition to being a service provider makes a difference.”

Ronette Riley
Ronette Riley Architect


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Revit Project Maintenance Guidelines

The first step of any Revit Model Maintenance process begins with a Detach from Central with Audit. Here are our recommended procedures when creating a new central.
Microsol Resources offers various BIM Services. Model Maintenance, Revit Project Health Checks to name a few.
– Roger

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