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What is included in the Pinnacle Series, Learning Management System?

A hybrid course might be the right choice for you if you are looking for a way to supplement your traditional live classes with the flexibility of on-demand classes. With the hybrid course, you can go back and re-watch or review the information that you are having difficulty with.

Why do you need self-paced, on-demand software training?

Find the exact content you need to maximize your productivity with tools like global search, custom learning paths, and in-application contextual lessons. Assessments generate individualized learning paths targeted to your knowledge gaps, providing just the content you need to overcome roadblocks in your design work, master tasks, and avoid redundant learning.

Microsol Resources offers on-demand training with our partner, Eagle Point Software,  the creator of Pinnacle Series, a perfect extension to our current Instructor-led training classes.

Pinnacle Series is a comprehensive learning management solution designed for architecture, engineering, and construction as well as manufacturing professionals. It features a vast library of videos, documents, and development resources that facilitate long-term employee training, on-demand problem-solving, and digital transformation.

Learning whenever and wherever your team needs it

With the Pinnacle Series learning management system, your employees can learn new software tools and brush up their existing skills on an ongoing basis, whenever it fits into their schedule. With on-demand resources, learning doesn’t have to be an occasional event — it can be a natural part of your team’s workday.

It gives your team the tools to improve their skills, share knowledge, work collaboratively, and boost efficiency. You can also:

  • Access to courses, documents, workflows, videos, and live events
  • Translations to over 90 languages
  • Robust reporting on learning and usage
  • Unlimited Windows Azure Cloud Storage
  • Content customization
  • Open API
Personalized learning

With Pinnacle Series, AEC and manufacturing organizations can harness the power of KnowledgeSmart assessments in creating personalized, targeted learning plans for their employees. Employees take an assessment on a certain software or skill, and then automatically receive a custom learning program within Pinnacle Series so they only have to train on the areas that need improvement.

Knowledge sharing & collaboration

Whether your organization has one location or offices around the world, Pinnacle Series can help streamline operations and improve collaboration. It’s packed with knowledge-sharing tools like Work Groups, which allows you to share project materials with internal and external team members; subject matter expert designations; and social features to help increase learning engagement.

What is included in the Pinnacle Series?

Standard Content Library

The Standard Content Library includes the following content libraries: All Autodesk Content, BIM Track, Bluebeam Revu, Enscape, ESRI, Global BIM Standards, Ideate Software, Lumion, McNeel Grasshopper/Rhino, Newforma, Pinnacle Series, Procore, Revizto, Solibri, Sketchup, Tekla, V-Ray.

Knowledge Gap

In addition, the Pinnacle Series is designed to generate custom courses based on your current skill gaps through the integration with KnowledgeGap, a benchmarking service provider.

KnowledgeSmart assessments are:

  • Easy to administer
  • Easy to use
  • And easy to personalize

Analysis and recommendations are delivered complete with links to training courses and other e-learning resources. Check out the video below for an overview.



Additional Content & Software

Additionally,  Adobe, Microsoft, Healthy & Safety, Management Skills, SOLIDWORKS, and Bentley training are also available to be added to your own personalized platform.


For more information about Microsol Resources and Pinnacle Series by Eagle Point Software, please contact me, Brenda Araujo, our Training Coordinator at

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What you need to know about Autodesk price increase for new and renewing subscriptions

Autodesk has informed us that there will be a slight 1% price increase on certain new and renewal subscriptions beginning on September 7, 2023.

What does this mean to you?
  • The price increase will affect certain products like AEC Collection, Revit, Civil 3D, and others. AutoCAD is not affected, and renewals of licenses that were migrated from Maintenance are also not affected. There are exclusions to the Autodesk product price increase. You can view that list below.
  • To avoid paying the price increase on new Autodesk software or on your pending Autodesk renewal, you must place your order before September 6th.

Financing is available and will help you with payment plans for subscription terms of one or three years instead of paying the entire amount upfront.

If you would like to discuss your options before moving forward or have questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss your options.


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The Autodesk products excluded from this price increase include the following:

Fusion 360 – Nesting & Fabrication Extension
Fusion 360 – Product Design Extension
Assemble Enterprise
Fusion 360 – Simulation Extension
Assemble Office
Fusion 360 – with Cloud Credits
Assemble P6 Connect Office
Fusion 360 for Manufacturing
Assemble P6 Connect Project
Fusion 360 for Product Design
Assemble P6 Connect Region
Fusion 360 Manage – for third-party users
Assemble Procore Connect Office
Fusion 360 – Signal Integrity Extension
Assemble Procore Connect Project
Fusion 360 with EAGLE Standard
Assemble Procore Connect Region
Fusion 360 with Moldflow Adviser – Legacy
Assemble Project
Info360 Asset – Basic
Assemble Region
Info360 Asset – Field Inspector
Info360 Asset – Full Access
AutoCAD – mobile app legacy
Info360 Asset – Standard
AutoCAD LT with CALS Tools
Info360 Asset – Viewer
AutoCAD Web
Info360 Insight – 2500 Channels
Info360 Insight – 500 Channels
Autodesk Developer Network
Info360 Insight – 7500 Channels
BC Pro – International
Info360 Insight – Basic
Bid Board Pro – International
Info360 Insight – Standard
BIM 360 Build – Packs
Info360 Insight – User
BIM 360 Cost
Info360 Plant – 100 MLD / 26 MGD
BIM 360 Ops
Info360 Plant – 1000 MLD / 264 MGD
BIM 360 Plan – Packs
Info360 Plant – 250 MLD / 66 MGD Info360 Plant – 50 MLD / 13 MGD
BIM Collaborate
Info360 Plant – Basic
BIM Collaborate Pro
Info360 Plant – Standard
BIM Collaborate Pro for Govt
Info360 Plant – User
Build – 5000
InfoDrainage – Standard
Build – 550
InfoDrainage – Ultimate
Build – Unlimited
InfoWater Pro
Fusion 360 with CAMplete TruePath – legacy user
InfoWorks ICM – Standard
Fusion 360 with CAMplete TurnMill – legacy user
InfoWorks ICM – Ultimate
Cloud Credits
InfoWorks WS Pro
Digital Workplace
Moldflow Insight – Legacy
Docs for AEC Collection
PlanGrid – Add-On
Docs for Government
PlanGrid – Crane
PlanGrid – Dozer
Autodesk Platform Services
PlanGrid – Enterprise
Fusion 360
PlanGrid – Nailgun
Fusion 360 – Additive Build Extension
Fusion 360 – Early adopter – Legacy
ShotGrid – Local Install
Fusion 360 – Generative Design Extension
T1 Enterprise Multi-flex
Fusion 360 – Legacy
Fusion 360 – Machining Extension
Fusion 360 – Manage Extension
VRED Render Node


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Autodesk 2024 Product Keys

With the newest release of Autodesk products, we bring you a new list of Autodesk 2024 product keys. Product keys are codes that differentiate products and product versions. You may need them to install Autodesk products. If you get an activation error when you enter your product key, check that you specified the correct product (or suite) and version in the lookup tool.

Interested in seeing what the new Autodesk features can do for you? Microsol Resources hosts these annual webinar series on What’s New with Autodesk that showcase and highlight the newest features of the various Autodesk products on the different versions.

The product keys for Autodesk 2024 products are in alphabetical order.


Product Name Product Key
3ds Max 128P1
3ds Max with Softimage 978P1
Advance Steel 959P1
Alias AutoStudio 966P1
Alias Concept A63P1
Alias Surface 736P1
Arnold C0PP1
AutoCAD 001P1
AutoCAD LT 057P1
AutoCAD LT for Mac 827P1
AutoCAD Raster Design 340P1
AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 834N1
CAMplete TruePath C4PN1
CAMplete TurnMill C4RN1
CFD – Ultimate 811M1
Civil 3D 237P1
Fabrication CADmep 839P1
Fabrication CAMduct 842P1
Fabrication ESTmep 841P1
FeatureCAM – Premium A9FN1
FeatureCAM – Standard A9GN1
FeatureCAM – Ultimate A9EN1
Flame C0TP1
Flame – Education C14N1
Flame – transition C5LP1
Flame Assist C0VP1
Flame Premium C0XP1
Flare C0WP1
Fusion 360 with Netfabb Standard A95P1
InfoDrainage – Standard C67P1
InfoDrainage – Ultimate C68P1
InfoWater Pro C69P1
InfoWorks ICM – Standard C6AP1
InfoWorks ICM – Ultimate C6BP1
InfoWorks WS Pro C6CP1
InfraWorks 927P1
Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series 805P1
Inventor Engineer-to-Order Series Distribution Fee 636P1
Inventor Engineer-to-Order Server 752P1
Inventor ETO – Developer A66P1
Inventor ETO – Distribution 996P1
Inventor Nastran 987P1
Inventor OEM 798P1
Inventor Professional 797P1
Lustre C0UP1
Lustre – transition C5MP1
Maya 657P1
Maya with Softimage 977P1
MotionBuilder 727P1
Mudbox 498P1
Navisworks Manage 507P1
Navisworks Simulate 506P1
Netfabb Local Simulation C02P1
Point Layout 925P1
PowerInspect – Premium A9JN1
PowerInspect – Standard A9KN1
PowerInspect – Ultimate A9HN1
PowerMill – Premium A9AN1
PowerMill – Standard A9QN1
PowerMill – Ultimate A9PN1
PowerShape – Premium A9MN1
PowerShape – Standard A9NN1
PowerShape – Ultimate A9LN1
ReCap Pro 919P1
Revit 829P1
Revit LT 828P1
Robot Structural Analysis Professional 547P1
Structural Bridge Design 954P1
Vault Office 555P1
Vault Professional 569P1
Vault Workgroup 559P1
Vehicle Tracking 955P1
VRED Core 887P1
VRED Design 885P1
VRED Presenter 888P1
VRED Professional 886P1
VRED Render Node 890P1


Depending on the type of license you purchase, you may be prompted for a serial number and product key during product activation.

There are various ways to find this information, depending on how you obtained your software.

Autodesk Account

In your Autodesk Account, find your product and click View Details. Next, click License Details to access your serial number. If your product does not have a serial number, View Details does not display. Your Serial Number is the same for all versions of a standalone or multi-user subscription product.


Autodesk Account: Contract details

If you are a software coordinator or contract manager, Autodesk Account provides serial numbers and product keys for all products on your subscription contract.

  1. Sign in to Autodesk Account and click Contracts and Orders from the main menu on the left.
  2. Click the appropriate contract number.

The serial numbers and product keys are in the Serial/Key column for each product on your subscription contract.


Industry Collections

Each product in an industry collection like the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection has a different product key. If you bought your product as part of a collection, use the lookup tool to find that specific product.

If you bought your product as part of a suite (for example, Autodesk Building Design Suite), the same product key is used to activate all products in the suite. Use the tool to look up the name of the suite.


Education Community (students and teachers)

If you obtain student software by using the Install Now download method, your serial number and product key are automatically entered during installation. If you still need to find this information, sign in to the Education Community website and follow these steps:

  1. Click My Account in the blue box on the right.
  2. At the top of the screen, click Account.
  3. On the left, click Products. Then click Download Products.
  4. Select Content Type > Serial Number.


If you need further assistance, email us at

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