Design Republic Continues their Implementation of BIM, Office-Wide

By Roger Liucci | Customer Stories, News

Design Republic (DR) is a highly experienced architectural design firm specializing in the corporate workplace, retail, and media technology design. Design Republic began implementing BIM in their office a few years ago and reached out to Microsol Resources to train the entire staff and optimize their project templates. Without a full-time BIM Manager, this transition was fragmented. Successes and optimization were limited to a few projects.

Project Goals

Design Republic needed to train 20 junior designers, 10 principals, and a few BIM leads while creating a BIM version of their documentation and high-end graphic standards. DR did not want to sacrifice quality while improving their current BIM workflows.


Design Republic called upon Microsol Resources to lead the training effort remotely. Microsol Resources designed online classes that provided the perfect venue for collaboration and learning. Using the very best in virtualization, Microsol Resources held classes online while controlling the classroom environment using virtual workspaces and remote training platforms. Revit model health checks illustrated areas that needed further development.

Business Outcome

With Microsol Resources’ assistance, the Design Republic staff was able to work more efficiently with Revit, create more improved documentation, and allow the team to collaborate from anywhere with BIM 360 Design.


By collaborating with Microsol Resources, Design Republic can now deliver fully reviewed models and documents created in BIM in a “work from home” environment facilitated by BIM 360 Design. The challenges presented by Covid-19 were met head-on by a firm determined to succeed in the implementation of advanced technology from Autodesk.


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Published on August 8, 2020 in Customer Stories, News.

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Roger, our senior BIM specialist, specializes in all things architecture & construction and has been with Microsol Resources since 2001. He provides technical support for our architectural, interiors, construction and engineering clients.