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Top Things to Know about the Autodesk Premium Plan

This article has been updated on April 5, 2022, to reflect the new changes in the Autodesk Premium Plan. 

Productivity relies now more than ever on the ability of all of us to connect remotely and limit downtime. Connectivity, wherever you’re working, is one of the biggest benefits of the named user model we’re going to talk more about today.

And it’s not just in the current climate. We anticipate that user needs will change permanently even when we return to our offices – with users now demanding the flexibility to work where and how they want.


What is Changing?

Autodesk is launching a Premium plan, designed to help medium- to large-sized businesses that manage 50 or more subscriptions* operate more efficiently.

*As of April 13, 2022, Autodesk changed the minimum number of subscriptions from 50 to 10 or more subscriptions can upgrade to Premium Plan to get premium benefits.

An upgrade to Premium offers companies additional administrative, security, and reporting benefits—based on customer feedback describing which features you wanted to see most.

Autodesk - Based on People

Autodesk is launching new plans that are based on people.

Feature Comparison: Standard vs. Premium plans

Autodesk Standard vs Premium Plans

As of April 13, 2022, Premium plans will no longer include centralized purchasing. Now, customers on all plans can assign single-user subscriptions to any user, including employees and contractors of subsidiaries, under Autodesk’s Global Travel Use Rights.

What are the Benefits of Autodesk Premium for IT & Admins?

​Historically, customers have been cautious of named users because of the management overhead. Autodesk heard this feedback and improved the experience to make it easy to manage users and remove the pain of managing multiple deployment types and serial numbers.

When everyone is a named user, your company will unlock new benefits such as:​

  • The ability to make smarter decisions based on usage data – how to optimize purchasing, improve productivity, and provide support or training where needed.

  • Increased productivity when all users have dedicated access to the products they need whenever they need it

  • And reduced IT costs and burdens. When licenses are hosted by Autodesk and assigned to users, there is no need to manage network servers or track serial numbers for compliance. and users can access these licenses anywhere they are working.


What are the Benefits for End-Users?

Your end-users will see benefits as well. Similar to Salesforce’s Trailblazer program that highlights personal achievements or Microsoft office 365’s insights on your collaboration habits – at Autodesk, Fusion 360 has piloted in-application tooltips that are based on a person’s command usage data. and Autodesk will be expanding these capabilities to more products over time.

A named user model is the foundation to provide your users with more relevant learning, collaboration, and support experience over time.

Premium - Relevant User Experience

“Having single sign-on is a massive benefit. We don’t have to set up new user access. Users don’t have to remember new passwords.”
– Donogh | Director of IS & Vendor Management


FAQ on Autodesk Premium

Here are some common questions about the Premium plan. For additional questions, please contact us.

How much does the Premium plan cost?

All product subscriptions include the Standard plan and are offered in local pricing for your region. Upgrading to Premium is approximately an additional USD $300 SRP per product subscription. Contact us for a specific quote.

What is the minimum number of subscriptions required for each plan?

The Standard plan has no minimum requirement; all product subscriptions automatically include Standard features and services. Upgrade to the Premium plan if you have at least 10* subscriptions on Premium eligible products.

Which products are eligible for the Premium plan?

See the list of eligible products (below). Autodesk is actively working on including other Autodesk products in the Premium plan.

When can I upgrade my plan to Premium?

If you are on the Standard plan and want to upgrade to Premium, you can do so at any time or at your subscription renewal.

Can I downgrade later?

Premium is sold as a prepaid, annual plan. At the end of your 1-year term, you can choose to renew your Premium plan or downgrade back to Standard and lose access to the benefits of Premium. If you would like to upgrade, please contact us.

How can I purchase a Premium plan?

Any product subscription you purchased through us at Microsol Resources can be upgraded to Premium. Contact us for a specific quote for your firm.


Is Premium right for you?

Is a Premium plan right for your organization? Here are a few questions to help you decide:

  • Are you frequently adding new users, but would like to save time by not having to manually create and assign access?
  • Would you like 24/7 support and faster response times?
  • Are you needing the additional security features of SSO?
  • Do you have employees or contractors based globally that you would like to purchase centrally for?
  • Is it difficult to optimize subscription licensing because you don’t know which users need product access?

If you’d like more flexibility, increased security, and easier user management for 10* or more subscriptions, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to a Premium plan.


Discover trade-in offers available to you.

Find the best path to named users with trade-in offers upon your next renewal date.

Contact Us


Products eligible for Premium plans

Seat usage reporting is available for most Autodesk products starting with version 2016. Serial number licenses, which are mostly 2016 or older product versions, will no longer be supported. In most cases, the same products are also eligible to be upgraded to a Premium plan. The following products are available for reporting and Premium plans:

Product Reporting available Upgrade to Premium available
3ds Max Yes Yes
3ds Max with Softimage Yes Yes
3ds Max for indie users Yes No
Advance Steel Yes Yes
Alias AutoStudio Yes Yes
Alias Concept Yes Yes
Alias Design Yes Yes
Alias SpeedForm Yes Yes
Alias Surface Yes Yes
Architecture Engineering & Construction Collection Yes Yes
ArtCAM – Premium Yes Yes
ArtCAM – Standard Yes Yes
Arnold Yes Yes
AutoCAD Yes Yes
AutoCAD including specialized toolsets Yes Yes
AutoCAD Architecture Yes Yes
AutoCAD Electrical Yes Yes
AutoCAD for Mac Yes Yes
AutoCAD LT Yes Yes
AutoCAD LT for Mac Yes Yes
AutoCAD LT with CALS Tools Yes Yes
AutoCAD Map 3D Yes Yes
AutoCAD Mechanical Yes Yes
AutoCAD MEP Yes Yes
AutoCAD P&ID Yes Yes
AutoCAD Plant 3D Yes Yes
AutoCAD Raster Design Yes Yes
Autodesk Fusion 360 – Ultimate Yes Yes
Autodesk Inventor Nastran Yes Yes
Autodesk Nastran Yes Yes
Autodesk Smoke – desktop subscription Yes Yes
Civil 3D Yes Yes
Fabrication CADmep Yes Yes
Fabrication CAMduct Yes Yes
Fabrication ESTmep Yes Yes
Factory Design Utilities Yes Yes
FeatureCAM Premium Yes Yes
FeatureCAM Standard Yes Yes
FeatureCAM Ultimate Yes Yes
Flame Yes Yes
Flame Assist Yes Yes
Flare Yes Yes
Formit Pro Yes Yes
Fusion360 Yes Yes
Fusion360 Ultimate Yes Yes
Fusion360 with Eagle Premium Yes Yes
Fusion360 with Eagle Standard Yes Yes
Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM Yes Yes
Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM Standard Yes Yes
Fusion 360 Legacy Yes Yes
Fusion 360 with Netfabb Standard Yes Yes
Fusion 360 with Netfabb Premium Yes Yes
Fusion 360 with Netfabb Ultimate Yes Yes
Fusion 360 with PowerInspect Yes Yes
Fusion 360 with PowerMill Standard Yes Yes
Fusion 360 with PowerMill Ultimate Yes Yes
Fusion 360 with PowerShape Yes Yes
HSM Premium Yes Yes
HSM Ultimate Yes Yes
HSMWorks Premium Yes Yes
HSMWorks Ultimate Yes Yes
InfraWorks Yes Yes
Inventor Yes Yes
Inventor CAM Ultimate Yes Yes
Inventor ETO Developer Yes Yes
Inventor ETO Distribution Yes Yes
Inventor LT Yes Yes
Inventor Nesting Yes Yes
Inventor OEM Yes Yes
Inventor Professional Yes Yes
Inventor Tolerance Analysis Yes Yes
Maya Yes Yes
Maya LT Yes Yes
Maya with Softimage Yes Yes
Maya for indie users Yes No
Media & Entertainment Collection Yes Yes
MotionBuilder Yes Yes
Mudbox Yes Yes
Navisworks Manage Yes Yes
Navisworks Simulate Yes Yes
Netfabb Premium Yes Yes
Netfabb Standard Yes Yes
Netfabb Ultimate Yes Yes
Point Layout Yes Yes
PowerInspect Standard Yes Yes
Product Design & Manufacturing Collection Yes Yes
ReCap Pro Yes Yes
Revit Yes Yes
Revit Generative Design Yes Yes
Revit Live Yes Yes
Revit LT Yes Yes
Robot Structural Analysis Professional Yes Yes
SketchBook – for Enterprise Yes Yes
Stingray Yes Yes
Structural Bridge Design Yes Yes
TruComposites Standard Yes Yes
TruNest Yes Yes
Vault Office Yes Yes
Vault PLM Enterprise Yes Yes
Vault PLM Professional Yes Yes
Vault Professional Yes Yes
Vault Workgroup Yes Yes
Enterprise Add-on for Vault Yes Yes
Vehicle Tracking Yes Yes
VRED Yes Yes
VRED Design Yes Yes
VRED Presenter Yes Yes
VRED Professional Yes Yes
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Enscape and Chaos Group to Merge into One Visualization Company

We’re excited to announce that both our partners Enscape and Chaos Group have merged into one company to create a comprehensive end-to-end visualization ecosystem for architects, designers, and artists.


TA Associates, a global growth private equity firm, and LEA Partners, a technology-focused private equity firm, announced an agreement to merge Enscape, a leading developer of real-time rendering and design workflow technology for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries, and Chaos, a world leader in photorealistic rendering technology. The merger will establish a global leader in the 3D visualization and design workflow software sectors, with a focus on the AEC, visual effects (VFX), and product design verticals. Peter Mitev, CEO and co-founder of Chaos, and Christian Lang, CEO of Enscape, will share the title of co-CEO for the new company.

“Since our initial investment, we have worked closely with the Enscape management team to grow the company into a leading provider for the AEC industry, and this is only the beginning,” said Christian Roth, Managing Partner at LEA Partners. “We find that bringing together Enscape and Chaos offers a unique opportunity to build a tech powerhouse to lead the way in AEC and beyond.”

Founded in 2017, Gerrmany-based Enscape offers solutions that connect directly to modeling software for the AEC industry, integrating design and visualization workflows seamlessly into one. This allows the company to support its customers through the entire design process with unprecedented ease of use, enabling faster concept iteration, real-time collaboration, and feedback. With its innovative solutions, Enscape has quickly grown since entering the market, establishing its position as a leading provider to the AEC industry.


Chaos, founded in 1997 in Bulgaria, is widely known as a world leader in visualization and computer graphics, offering an ecosystem of 3D rendering, real-time visualization, and simulation software. Chaos’ flagship rendering solution, V-Ray, is the go-to visualization tool across multiple industries, supporting everything from architecture, product designs, and world-class advertising campaigns to visual effects in film and television. In addition to V-Ray, Chaos provides a broad suite of connected tools, including Phoenix, Cosmos, Vantage, Scans, and Cloud, as well as the Corona Renderer.


The newly-combined company, which will retain the Chaos name, aims to develop and strengthen its product portfolio to create a comprehensive end-to-end visualization ecosystem, designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers. All products from both company portfolios will continue to operate and be available under their respective name, including leading products, Enscape, V-Ray, and Corona.

“Visualization is critical to creating the future—both in the real world and the metaverse,” said Peter Mitev. “We are excited to team up with Enscape, TA, and LEA Partners to bring forth the world’s best 3D visualization ecosystem.”

The joint workforce will total more than 500 employees across the globe, with corporate headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany and additional offices in Sofia (Bulgaria), Prague (Czech Republic), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea), Los Angeles (USA) and New York (USA).


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Enscape 3.2 Now available!

Enscape 3.2 Offers Dynamic Real-Time Visualization and Streamlined Workflows for Architects and Designers.

Enscape’s latest version provides Dynamic Asset Placement, Panorama Enhancements, Green Building Assets and materials. This latest update includes features that help architects and designers worldwide create more vivid real-time visualizations and streamline the entire design workflow.

What’s new?

Dynamic Asset Placement

With the new Dynamic Asset Placement, users can select, place, and edit assets from the Asset Libraries into their designs via the Enscape rendering window. Everything added to the rendering is instantly reflected in the modeling software, offering a two-way asset placement. Users can rotate, scale, and delete an asset, and all changes will sync back to the project. Exact editing functions and capabilities will depend on the modeling software used. Multi-asset placement is also now available to quickly populate scenes with assets such as trees, cars, and people, directly inside Enscape.

Batch Panorama and Panorama Tours

With the new Batch Panorama, users can now render multiple panoramas, such as an image, mono panorama, or stereo panorama, at once. Panorama Tours are also available to guide clients and prospects better through proposed designs – third-party tools are no longer required.

Update Existing Uploads

With the Uploads Update feature, users can update existing uploads shared by a link or QR code without the need to resend a new one each time a change is made, preventing fractured workflows and offering a much more efficient way of working.

Green Building Assets and Materials

With the growing demand and need for sustainable architecture, users can now enjoy a new collection of over 150 green building assets, including a diverse range of trees, plants, and flowers often used within green building design. Wind turbines, electric power stations, two additional electric vehicles, drones, a scooter, and even a passenger drone, have also been added to this update. Users will also get access to roughly 25 green building materials such as organic bricks, a bamboo fence, recycled plastic, a straw wall, hay plastic, solar modules, printed concrete, clay plaster, solar roof tiles, wood materials, and rammed earth.

New Materials and People Assets

Enscape 3.2 also includes around 30 new highly requested materials such as wallpapers, tiles, marble, granite, leather, plaster, and rubber tar. Users can also add approximately 50 new people assets to their scenes.

Ray-Traced Sun Shadows

Shadow sharpness and accuracy are further improved with this release by extending ray-traced sun shadows to videos and real-time walkthroughs (independent of whether rest mode is activated or not).

Upload Management Overhaul

To bring the Upload Management feature in line with the rest of the product and provide users with a more intuitive workflow, the UI for this particular element of Enscape has been redesigned. Uploads will now be grouped by type and product, and function indicators have been improved.

“I like the fact that Enscape is always looking for ways to improve our design workflow,” “The new Dynamic Asset Placement functionality will save both time and effort as we can now place and modify the assets in a way that wasn’t so easy to do with the 3D modeling software,” said Joseph Kim, Project Manager, MJM Architects.

Additional Enscape 3.2 Features

• Geometry update toggle: Revit, Archicad, and Vectorworks users can decide if all geometry should be reloaded when changing a view.
• Vulkan ray tracing for AMD GPUs
• Windows 11 support
• More improvements and fixes

Need more information about Enscape?

Click here to learn more about Enscape, or contact our team at

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