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The Kingfish Company Enhances Project Collaboration Using Autodesk Build/BIM 360 Build

Customer Challenge

The Kingfish Company is a vertically integrated and technology-driven aquaculture leader in the sustainable production of premium marine seafood. As a designer, builder, and operator of state-of-the-art facilities, leveraging Autodesk Revit and other BIM technology tools has improved the workflow between designers and the construction arm. The Kingfish Company was looking to improve the process in the areas of project and file management.

Project Goals

The Kingfish Company is preparing to hire a large number of contractors to develop their Maine facilities. This endeavor will require significant coordination from design to construction to perform a flawless project execution at no excess in budget and project delay. The Kingfish Company needs to overcome issues such as lack of familiarity with the tool by the construction team and adapting to a new folder structure for cloud files.
Kingfish Company - Environment image


The Kingfish Company has been able to overcome the challenges by training team members on the usage and implementation on a day-to-day basis of Autodesk Build/BIM 360 Build. By optimizing the file structure, and continuing to train construction staff on important aspects of the process such as file access, notifications management for RFI’s and issues management, The Kingfish Company is well on its way to achieving its long-term vision: to have all internal stakeholders at The Kingfish Company and external consultants become acquainted with BIM and cloud technologies, from the workflow to the overall business value of full BIM enablement.

Business Outcome

By acquiring and implementing Autodesk Build/BIM 360 Build’s project and file management solutions, the company has improved the collaboration workflow between the field and the office. While benefits are difficult to quantify, The Kingfish Company is reporting less loss of data which is leading to a much smoother workflow between stakeholders.


The Kingfish Company uses Autodesk software and works closely with Microsol Resources for insights, licenses, and technical support. Autodesk Build/BIM 360 Build are proving to be great tools for Kingfish, and expect that the benefits will continue to increase as they implement more of its functionality into our daily workflows.
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Arora Engineers uses Autodesk Docs to Collaborate on Delivery of JFK Terminal 8 Renovation

Customer Challenge

Arora Engineers is a revolutionary firm that delivers MEP design and pre-construction services by emphasizing the technology and processes that connect systems infrastructure, improve operations and longevity and make life safer and easier for those who use it. In this capacity, Arora Engineers was asked to provide its services for the Expansion and Renovation of the JFK Airport Terminal 8 project. To do this, Arora planned on using Autodesk Revit and other BIM technology tools, but it was also looking to optimize the process of collaborating with the other trades involved in the project.


Project Goals

Arora Engineers needed to find a tool that enabled it to work collaboratively with architects, builders, and other trades. It needed to be able to allow for the resolution of RFI’s, issues, and clash detection. The ideal solution would be inexpensive, as there was no additional funding for it, and be cloud-based so as to not require investment in any additional hardware technology. Additionally, it had to be easy to learn and use, as there was no appetite from the team for a steep learning curve.



Arora Engineers explored the feature set of Autodesk Docs and found that it works seamlessly with Revit and AutoCAD, the two main design tools used in the project. Arora Engineers found that Autodesk Docs’ cloud-based environment allowed the entire team to manage its files without making any significant changes to the project’s structure. Using Autodesk Docs allowed the company to quickly resolve RFI’s and issues. It was the perfect technological solution to address the workflow needs of the project.


Arora Engineers - Rethinking Infrastructure

Rethinking Infrastructure

Arora Engineers believe infrastructure needs to do far more than provide a seamless, safe, sustainable, and comfortable environment. Their goal is to maximize its role, impact, and value through innovative engineering design and highly intelligent solutions that not only meet operational needs but forward business objectives.

Business Outcome

By implementing Autodesk Docs’ project and file management solutions, the company was able to resolve the project’s challenges more quickly and efficiently, in collaboration with all other trades. This was nearly invaluable for such an aggressive design-build project schedule that seems to be more the rule than the exception these days.



Arora Engineers uses Autodesk software and works closely with Microsol Resources for insights, licenses, and technical support. Autodesk Docs, AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, and Dynamo proved to be ideal tools for Arora Engineers. Autodesk Docs is now used in several other projects where collaboration with other firms is essential.

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Building Conservation Associates (BCA) preserves heritage sites with digital tools

Building Conservation Associates (BCA) is a firm that specializes in the technical and historical aspects of restoring buildings and works of art with headquarters in New York and branches in Philadelphia and Boston. 


In a meeting with Microsol Resources, BCA mentioned they wanted a construction management workflow that leverages cloud technologies to enable their field and office teams to collaborate seamlessly with their general contractor.

“We want to keep the project on track and have the ability to link nearly any reference – drawings, photos, issues, documents – with connected workflows so the Contractor can understand the impact of changes in real-time in the field with complete accuracy,” said Stacy Albanese, Assoc. Director at BCA.

Even though the BCA team has extensive experience with the Construction Administration process, BCA recognized the need to increase efficiencies.


Project Goals

BCA’s restoration projects have several goals:

  1. Their project has to be delivered within a tight deadline, so efficiency is essential.
  2. To collaborate with other project teams entails removing information silos. They need to enable project details to be accessible on mobile devices in the field.
  3. They need training for all parties on leveraging cloud technology to maximize efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.



Microsol Resources team were brought in to guide BCA, and together with Stacy, they developed a solution in which Microsol Resources would:

  • Assist BCA with using Autodesk Build subscriptions and user permissions
  • Implement Autodesk Build to connect the field and the office team, and set up the project data sets
  • Ensure the teams have access to the correct information with auto-sync to mobile devices
  • Train the team on the Autodesk Build software and features

Once back-end settings were finalized, BCA worked seamlessly with their GC in a common data environment.


BCA Histrocial preservation projects

Business Outcomes

By having a set of guided product overview sessions with BCA’s internal technical team, they were able to:

  • Have a proper workflow structured within an environment where all construction management and construction administration activities are performed solely on Autodesk Build.
  • Use a powerful tool that is accurate and collaborative at the same time.
  • Respond efficiently and meet deadlines.
  • Serve as an extension of BCA’s existing AEC Collection and CAD workflows.

“Time is one of the most valuable assets in construction. When you have the team on the same interface, you can seamlessly ad efficiently and communicate across all platforms. Microsol Resources helped us save time by setting up Autodesk Build and having one platform to convey the information across the entire team.”


Having a close relationship with a forward-thinking general contractor firm, BCA quickly identified Autodesk Build as the best fitting solution to help synchronize all stages and phases of the project.

Their internal technical team executed a robust workflow, which, combined with preliminary training from the Microsol Resources team, set a successful standard for this project, and hopefully, many more to come in the future. “Microsol Resources really helped us, and we felt supported,” said Stacy.

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