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Connect Construction Workflows with Autodesk Construction Cloud

No aspect of construction happens in isolation. To avoid the risk of data siloing and miscommunication, project teams must collaborate with common access to critical project documentation and data.

As complexity increases in construction, two technology shifts are connecting teams in critical ways: collaboration in the cloud and the use of big data.


A New Way to Build

Collaboration in the Cloud

Construction teams are complex, frequently spanning multiple organizations and geographies. Collaboration between project teams and stakeholders continues to be a challenge—one that introduces cost, delay, rework, and risk to projects.

Traditionally, collaboration in construction has been predominantly an asymmetric process; that is, multiple parties in the supply chain each work on their own part of a project, which is coordinated by aggregating those individual models.

Better Insights from Big Data

Today, in construction, large amounts of highly structured data are generated through BIM and other project technology. That’s opening the door to a new discipline—construction intelligence— and the ability to predict the future by mining that data for insights.


Connect the office, trailer, and field across the construction project lifecycle.

Connect Construction Workflow


The Autodesk Construction Cloud portfolio is designed with a deep understanding of the unique needs of each critical workflow. Priority one is offering software that reduces time, increases clarity, and is a pleasure to use. The result is a set of carefully crafted tools that elegantly solve key challenges on their own and can transform business when combined.



Architects, engineers, and project teams can collaborate on coordinated, shared designs – regardless of location, role in the project, or stage of the project.

Simplify design development and reduce information loss at handover for better design collaboration. And truly connect design and construction for a more collaborative, more transparent partnership between designers and builders.

Autodesk Construction Cloud helps turn designs from a vision and set of documentation to a living asset that serves the needs of the building throughout its lifecycle.



Set your projects up for success before you break ground. Improve design quality and constructibility, create accurate takeoffs, and find the right builders for every project. Access the industry’s largest network of builders and vendor qualification management to mitigate risk for every project.

Drive successful outcomes with cloud-based technology that automates manual tasks and streamlines collaboration between every project stakeholder.

With Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions, preconstruction teams can execute design intent, bid competitively, mitigate financial risks, and remain profitable by streamlining coordination, model conditioning, quantification, bid management, and qualification.



Construction often operates in a fragmented way, with the disconnection between project phases leading to uncertainty throughout the project and an inability to control project outcomes. Connecting issues, RFIs, and progress between the office and field, and analyzing that data with machine learning can impact cost, schedule, quality, and safety on every job.

Autodesk Construction Cloud helps overcome these barriers by removing siloes, supporting interoperability between work phases, and turning project data into actionable intelligence.



bim-asset-management-icon-blueConnect BIM asset data created during design and construction to building operations for model viewing, and access to maintenance checklists, scheduling, and history. With all project teams working in a common data platform, owners gain visibility into project status, changes and problems.

With Autodesk Construction Cloud, improved visibility means more predictable project outcomes and more profitable projects.



With Autodesk Construction Cloud, general contractors drive collaboration and deliver results.


Benefits of Using Autodesk Construction Cloud

The world’s leading general contractors rely on Autodesk Construction Cloud’s best-in-class software to unite the office and field teams from design through construction and operations.


Win More Work
Streamline the preconstruction process, issue more bids, and increase bid accuracy.




Improve Safety Performance
Leverage predictive analytics to identify safety issues early and to improve job site safety.




Break Down Data Silos
Connect design, construction, and operations teams with a common data platform.




Connected Crews
Connect the field and office through faster and more sustained technology adoption.





Mitigate Risk
Avoid rework and mistakes by always working from the latest plans and documents.




Ensure Quality
Build it right the first time. Avoid clashes in the field with automated clash detection.




Explore key Autodesk Construction Cloud products


Autodesk Build

Autodesk Build

Comprehensive field and project management software deliver a connected set of tools for builders.




Autodesk Takeoff

Perform accurate 2D takeoffs and generate automated quantities from 3D models in a single solution.




Autodesk Collaborate

Connect project teams and data to reduce risk, improve quality, and deliver projects on time and within budget.




Need to speak to a specialist?

Learn how construction can be positioned to significantly reduce costs, improve speed, and produce better outcomes with Autodesk Construction Cloud.


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What’s New with Autodesk 2022?

Interested in seeing what the new Autodesk 2022 features can do for you? Microsol Resources hosts these annual webinar series on What’s New with Autodesk that showcase and highlight the newest features of the various Autodesk products on the different versions.

You can view these videos of our webinar recording these new features in action and learn some share tips and tricks along the way.


What’s New with Revit 2022

The latest release of Revit building design software provides better interoperability, boosts efficient and accurate document production, and delivers many user-requested features.

Learn about new features in the latest release of Autodesk Revit 2022 by watching this video or reading this article.



What’s New with AutoCAD 2022

Autodesk has released AutoCAD 2022 and AutoCAD LT 2022, and they have added features that facilitate collaboration and working with cloud storage solutions.

Learn about new features in the latest release of Autodesk Revit 2022 by watching this video or reading this article.



What’s New with the Autodesk Construction Cloud for Design (Autodesk Docs, BIM Collaborate, and BIM Collaborate Pro)?

Today, collaboration and access to information from anywhere, and at any time, is critical to successful project management. More than just a name change from BIM 360, the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform provides a new interface and additional features.

Learn about new features in the latest release of Autodesk Docs, BIM Collaborate (formerly called BIM 360 Coordinate), and BIM Collaborate Pro (formerly called BIM 360 Design) by watching this video.



What’s New with the Autodesk Construction Cloud for Design (Autodesk Docs, BIM 360 Build, and Takeoff)?

More than just a name change from BIM 360, the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform provides a new interface and additional features.

Learn about new features in the latest release of Autodesk Docs, BIM 360 Build, and Takeoff by watching this video.




What’s New with Autodesk 3ds Max?

3ds Max brings performance enhancements to a slew of modeling tools enabling artists to work faster, boost productivity and focus on being creative. This update includes a faster Smart Extrude experience, improvements to popular modifiers, a new Settings Recovery tool, and more. To learn more about the latest updates, read this article.

Autodesk 3ds Max 2022 Hero Image 2


Microsol Resources will bring you the latest information on Autodesk products so be sure to always follow our TECH Resources, YouTube, and other social media channels to stay up to date.

If you have any questions, please email info@microsolresources.com or call us at 888-768-7568.


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Which AEC collaboration solution is right for you?

Firms like yours are looking for smarter ways to manage data and streamline collaboration across your projects, no matter what design tool you use.

With rising project complexity and competitive markets, you need a solution that is flexible, connects your teams, data, and workflows, and delivers powerful insights. You need a solution that simply helps you deliver better projects, faster, and with greater profitability.

Most of all, you need a solution that’s built for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry – not an office cloud app that can’t process complex 3D files or a server solution that requires VPN. That’s only going to slow you down.


But with BIM Collaborate Pro, you can take advantage of:


Anytime, anywhere collaboration in leading design tools Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Plant 3D. BIM Collaborate Pro lets you collaborate with internal teams and other companies, with easy web viewing, project timeline to track progress, and issue capture so you can ensure change requests are made.


Extensive file support, covering over 50 file types, including MS Office 365, RVT, C3D, DWG, IFC, and other Autodesk file types. Improved efficiency because your workflows are powered in the cloud. This means faster sync times, easy remote collaboration, and regular improvements and upgrades — all of which deliver cost savings directly to your business.


Robust security. With eighteen levels of access permissions, you can ensure the right people are in the right document at the right time and avoid version conflict. Also, the cloud is proven as a safe place to store and access data — and the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform is designed using best-in-class practices. We take the responsibility of keeping your data security seriously.


Bluebeam collaboration-iconEnhanced resiliency. The integrity and availability of your data are vital to your business. At Autodesk, we’re committed to providing a stable network and sharing upcoming maintenance schedules to ensure you can access what you need whenever you need it.


It’s time to eliminate costly delays, maximize your talent pool, extend your reach, and reduce friction from disparate solutions.

Only BIM Collaborate Pro is built for anytime, anywhere collaboration in Revit, Civil 3D, and Plant 3D.



Feature comparison: How BIM Collaborate Pro stacks up against other AEC worksharing solutions


BIM Collaborate Pro Everyday Office Apps
Anytime, anywhere collaboration
Full Functionality
No Functionality
• [Revit Cloud Worksharing] Co-author Revit models in the cloud at the same time, with anyone from anywhere, outside the company firewall
[Collaboration for Civil 3D] Collaborate on Civil 3D design files, data shortcuts, and XRefs with automated file locking with anyone, from anywhere outside the company firewall
[Collaboration for Plant 3D] Securely share Plant 3D files and references across teams or company firewalls. Manage permissions, maintain compliance requirements, and keep teams aligned in a common data environment.
Basic file storage & sharing
Full Functionality
Full Functionality
• Share active design documents with read and write access and set user permissions on a folder and project level.
Version control
Full Functionality
Partial Functionality
Access previous design file versions at any time.
Common data environment
Full Functionality
No Functionality
Store and manage all project data, whether generated in Revit, Civil 3D, or AutoCAD Plant 3D, in one location to improve efficiency during handover
Design Review on-the-go
Full Functionality
No Functionality
• View and compare iterations of sheet layouts side-by-side or combined views of the project model in 3D view. No exports, translations, or uploads required.
• Share & markup over 50 2D & 3D design file-formats including Revit (RVT), Navisworks(NWD, NWF), AutoCAD (DWG, XREF, DREF), industry formats like IFC, and office file types.
Manage design data exchange & submittals
Full Functionality
No Functionality
• Track and share design packages against deadlines on a project timeline.
• Facilitate simultaneous design work among multidiscipline teams with advanced
permissions in folder settings, keeping other teams out of work-in-progress files.
Automated clash detection
Full Functionality
No Functionality
• Upload models to automatically detect clashes. View results in an intuitive matrix, identifying clashes and grouping them to prioritize work.
• Explore design options by running clash analysis against shared models in sandboxed folders called “coordination spaces”, separating design trials from live ongoing work
Centralized Issue Management
Full Functionality
No Functionality
Create and track issues on design data, assigning a due date, responsible party, and root cause to ensure closure. View and resolve issues assigned to you from the cloud directly in Revit or Navisworks for closed-loop workflows (currently available for BIM 360 only).


So how does BIM Collaborate Pro compare on cost?

In the short run, it may seem convenient to use an FTP site or cheaper to store project design files on a local server you may already be using. Or you might invest in expensive server applications, hoping to recoup the cost over time.

The more time you’re not using the latest connected, flexible, and powerful cloud workflows, the more opportunities lost.

Disconnected workflows cause friction when data needs to be moved, which all racks up hours of lost productivity.


BIM Collaborate Pro is the only Civil 3D, Revit, and Plant 3D cloud collaboration solution on the market that offers multidiscipline design coordination capabilities with multiple companies.

With change visualization, issue and comment management, and mobile markups, BIM Collaborate Pro is a comprehensive solution for your teams, while also helping your client leverage design data across the project lifecycle.

BIM Collaborate Pro Cost Image


Use Revit Server?

Cundall compared the cost of using BIM Collaborate Pro with Revit Server. The results are undeniable: “BIM Collaborate Pro pays for itself in under 6 months,” says Cundall.


Use Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Corgan compared the cost of BIM Collaborate Pro with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in both, spin and flash storage types, and found it was one-fifth the cost of VDI flash.


Ready for more connected workflows?

We’re here to help.

Contact us or email us to speak with a Microsol Resources Account Executive to address your questions and find the right solution for you.


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