Connecting Design and Construction

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With a constant flow of design back and forth during construction, you are constantly running the risk of miscommunication. Missing information, inaccurate designs, and unclear design intent leads to costly RFIs and change orders. But when designers and builders work from the same project data in a controlled environment, there’s better collaboration – that means less miscommunication, delays and rework downstream, and greater profits for you.

Watch our webinar series as we discuss how BIM 360 connects data & communications from design through construction & operations. BIM 360 empowers your team to anticipate and act, as well as manage all aspects of construction coordination and performance. Watch any and all of these webinars below:

  • Connecting Design and Construction
  • Manage Construction Documents with BIM 360 Docs
  • Seamless Design Collaboration with BIM 360 Design
  • Accelerate Constructibility Review with BIM 360 Coordinate
  • Getting the Most out of Autodesk Assemble & BIM 360 Integration

Stay ahead of the curve and learn about how connecting design and construction will make your business more profitable and resilient.

Connecting Design and Construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is blurring the lines between digital processing and physical systems, causing the design and build phases of projects to move closer together. Seamless integration of these design and build processes saves time and money.

As modeling has matured, an increasing number of contractors and fabricators have embraced BIM for its exceptional value in downstream activities, such as detailing, fabrication, installation, and handover. The integrated workflow is transforming the design and construction process.

Hear from industry analyst, Stephen Jones of Dodge Data & Analytics as he presents their report “Connecting Design and Construction” which focuses on the architectural, structural, and MEP aspects of the integrated workflow for building projects.

  • Hear the data on how BIM is used to connect design professionals with fabricators and contractors, as well as the current and future value they find in BIM.
  • Explore the frequency of current implementation and the current and future impacts of a fully connected integrated workflow for building projects.

Manage Construction Documents with BIM 360 Docs

With a constant flow of design changes, it’s challenging to keep up with what’s current and what’s changed. And missing information, inaccurate designs, and unclear design intent leads to costly RFIs and change orders.

Tailored for the needs of the AEC industry, Autodesk BIM 360 Docs delivers tools for publishing, managing, reviewing, and approving all project plans, models and documents from the earliest phase of a project through owner occupancy. A cloud-based service, accessible at the desktop or mobile devices, BIM 360 Docs delivers anywhere, anytime collaborative access to the entire project team.

Watch this video, as Nick Marchek, BIM Specialist at Microsol Resources, reviews how Autodesk BIM 360 Docs:

  • Supports data continuity in a common data platform, allowing easy transfer of information and integration of project workflow from design to construction.
  • Connects seamlessly to industry-leading authoring tools such as AutoCAD, Revit and Civil 3D and supports more than 50 design file formats.
  • Is built on the Autodesk Forge development platform that supports integrations with more than 70 third-party applications to connect project information and workflow and extend the value of data.

Discover how project teams can collaborate real-time and publish, review, markup, and approve all project plans, models and documents from the earliest phase of a project through owner occupancy using Autodesk BIM 360 Docs.

Seamless Design Collaboration with BIM 360 Design

Watch this video to learn how to boost team productivity, improve efficiency, and accelerate project delivery with Autodesk BIM 360 Design, which provides you with integrated access to Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Successful project outcomes depend on consistent communication with the team throughout every project phase. Autodesk BIM 360 Design connects design teams to improve project outcomes increase productivity, reduce rework, and accelerate project delivery. Integrated access to Revit, Civil 3D and AutoCAD Plant 3D files, and design collaboration on a single cloud-based platform will helps teams boost productivity, improve efficiency, and accelerate project delivery.

Throughout this video you will hear from John Semel, Director of IT at Microsol Resources, who will demonstrate how Autodesk BIM 360 Design can:

  • Boost Productivity Teams can work on the same project, which helps them avoid time wasted on uploading, syncing, transferring or waiting on large files.
  • Improve Project Efficiency See how new design information could impact ongoing work to help reduce rework and downstream construction delays.
  • Accelerate Project Delivery Project information in a single cloud-based repository helps streamline approvals. Expedite review cycles with trackable coordination activity recorded for all teams.

Accelerate Constructibility Review with BIM 360 Coordinate


BIM 360 connects data and processes from design through construction and operations. It empowers field staff to anticipate and act, and back office staff to manage all aspects of construction performance.

Watch this video and discover how BIM 360 Coordinate, a clash detection platform, can improve VDC & BIM collaboration throughout the pre-construction stage of a project. It offers the ability for pre-construction teams to collaborate across a single platform on all constructability reviews and simplify trade coordination, leading to less rework downstream.

During this video, Joseph Freund, AEC Application Specialist at Microsol Resources, reviews how Autodesk BIM 360 Coordinate:

  • Automate clash resolutions to avoid costly issues onsite.
  • Encourage multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate and quickly identify issues.
  • Access 3D models anytime, anywhere, without downloading robust software.

Getting the Most out of Autodesk Assemble & BIM 360 Integration

How do you extract BIM data, add intelligence, and collaborate in real-time? Watch this video to learn how the integration between Autodesk’s Assemble and BIM 360 is enabling more communication and collaboration between teams.

We will walk through the latest issue tracking workflow that helps our clients identify and resolve issues in a faster, more traceable way. With this integration, project teams can make more informed decisions with access to specifications and documents from BIM 360 directly in the Assemble model.

Learn how to unlock the power of BIM to create intelligent building information for use across the entire project lifecycle. Nathaniel Coombs, Product Specialist at Autodesk, reviews how to:

  • Create a complete data inventory of your models in minutes | Assemble extracts model information from authoring tools and sends it to the cloud so your team can access & use BIM data on the web. Publish models in minutes, using the Assemble Add-in for AutoCAD or Revit, to quickly visualize the model, it’s quantities, and other mission-critical information without being a BIM expert.
  • Easily access, condition and sync your data to leverage your BIM software investment | Assemble provides advanced data management capabilities to streamline BIM activities with greater efficiency and accuracy. Access, organize, edit, and manage design and construction data sets throughout the project lifecycle. Using Assemble, your entire project team will be able to access the model data, add intelligence and condition BIM data into actionable information.
  • Share your BIM data with the entire project team | Assemble is a cloud-based solution giving all project stakeholders access to the BIM data they need, when they need it, from wherever they are working. Versioning ensures that your project team is working from the same information. Define and share specific data sets in common file formats.

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