Rosenbaum Design Group Expands Use of BIM Technology During COVID-19 Challenging Times

By Roger Liucci | Customer Stories, News
Customer Challenge

Rosenbaum Design Group needed to take their staff to a higher level so that the firm would model more intelligently, reduce rework, and allow designers and clients to experience their designs in a more immersive way. They decided to implement Autodesk Revit and provide training to their entire CAD staff while they were working from home. RDG strived to complete this before their return to in-person work. But how do you convert a humming, successful practice in the middle of the pandemic?

Project Goals

To help and support their plan, RDG hired a BIM manager and partnered with our team at Microsol Resources. We implemented Autodesk Revit and trained their staff members. In our revision of their current design, markup, and deliverable methods, we also included new Revit templates and a new library of content and details.


Microsol Resources provided remote advanced training on Autodesk Revit, BIM 360 Docs, and BIM 360 Design to 20+ RDG employees. They also reviewed the current standards, workflow, and pilot projects. Revit model health checks illustrated areas that needed further development—collecting this data allowed Microsol Resources to work with RDG to discover useful content and where new content was needed. This work would improve the design and review approval processes for future commercial projects.

Business Outcome

With Microsol Resources advanced Revit training completed, and RDG’s BIM Manager hard at work putting the remaining of Revit pieces together, their goal was realized. Through our assistance, RDG began honing these newly learned Revit skills and their staff was able to work more efficiently with Autodesk Revit and BIM 360 Design to improve productivity.


Partnering with Microsol Resources, Rosenbaum Design Group can now deliver thoroughly reviewed models and documents created in BIM in a work-from-home environment facilitated by BIM 360 Design. The challenges presented by COVID-19 were met head-on by a firm determined to succeed in the implementation of advanced technology from Autodesk.

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Published on April 2, 2020 in Customer Stories, News.

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