Instant Access to BIM Data for Preconstruction Workflows

By Jim Stephen | BIM, Collaboration

Autodesk Assemble enables construction professionals to condition, query, and connect BIM data to key workflows including design reviews, takeoffs, estimating, change management, and value engineering to reduce risk and improve efficiencies during project planning and execution.


Instant Access to BIM Data

Provide the entire project team with access to the model and drawings to quickly group, sort, and filter quantities and associated meta-data.


Instant Access to Quantities

Instant access to complete project inventory to easily organize project data by user defined parameters such as bid package, location, phase, WBS, or work activity codes.


Real-time Project Updates

Improve work in place (WIP), lookahead, status tracking, and inventory management workflows when accessing specific model views by trade or scope.


Increase Access and Accountability

Access specs and other project documents from BIM 360 directly in the Assemble model to identify, track, and resolve project issues quicker and with greater transparency.


Autodesk Assemble

Leveraging model data for quantification has resulted in significant cost and time saving. With the use of Assemble, our takeoff time has decreased by up to 40%.

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