Implementing Autodesk Revit as the Main Staple of Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture’s Design Process

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Customer Challenge

Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture decided to make Autodesk Revit a staple of the office design workflow moving forward. They committed to incremental training on Revit essentials for all users in the office and the development of an office template that would translate their extensive Autodesk AutoCAD detail library to a cohesive template structure to be used for all future projects.

Project Goals

What HDOA wanted was one team of 7-9 thoroughly trained Revit users and project managers and a fully integrated Revit template with a new library of content and details to meet a handful of Revit-based project deadlines in early 2020. This team would help lead the charge, along with Microsol Resources, to complete full Revit integration of the entire office of HDOA in the future.


Microsol Resources trained eight (8) HDOA employees on Autodesk Revit Essentials. Nick Marchek then worked with the “BIM team” and the firm’s Principals to review the current standards and design workflows to determine what was required for immediate deadlines and make recommendations for the long-range view in regards to the office Revit template, standard Revit Family library, and a standard drafting detail “seed” file.

Business Outcome

By holding ongoing weekly BIM team meetings and continually reviewing the progress of the template, families, and details, as well as addressing specific technical questions and workflows as the team continued to work in Revit, we were able to quickly move HDOA from working predominantly in Autodesk AutoCAD to having a hybrid approach to design and production through both Revit and AutoCAD with a focus on Revit being the primary software used office-wide ultimately through ongoing efforts.


Tapping into Microsol Resources’ expertise enabled Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture to gain more value from their BIM integration using the Autodesk AEC Industry Collection to fast track their training, template, and library creation to meet immediate needs, and to build the foundation for a transition of the office to primarily Revit-based soon. They built a value-added relationship with Microsol that continues to grow through consulting, technical support, and training.

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Published on January 6, 2021 in Customer Stories, News.

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