How to Initiate an Autodesk Transfer of License

By Anna Liza Montenegro | IT, Subscription

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Having trouble finding out how you can transfer the license to your current Autodesk products?

There are several different reasons for a transfer of license, including a company merger, business liquidation, privatization of license owner, or a company asset sale. Additionally, certain company name changes require an Autodesk Transfer of License (TOL). Autodesk requires TOLs to be handled by the customer for the most part.


Below are the documents and instructions you will need in order to submit an Autodesk Transfer of License:


From there Autodesk will review and notify you of their decision. If you filled out the sales rep information in Section II, your contact at Microsol Resources will also be notified of Autodesk’s decision when you are.


Please note that both the Original Licensee (Transferor) and the Prospective Recipient (Transferee) must sign off on the transfer of license exception application. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information surrounding this topic, contact your Microsol Resources Account Executive or email us at



Published on August 14, 2013 in IT, Subscription.

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