How to Transfer Ownership of Autodesk Licenses or Subscriptions (TOLS)

By Lisa Hernandez | IT, Subscription

The TOL policy allows customers to transfer licenses ownership from one individual or company to another. Approvals for these requests continue to be at Autodesk’s discretion.


Guidelines on How to Transfer an Autodesk Product or Subscription

The Autodesk License and Services Agreement governing the use of Autodesk software generally prohibits transferring ownership without the prior written consent of Autodesk.

However, in a very limited number of circumstances, Autodesk will allow the transfer of products or subscriptions between parties or locations. These circumstances include, for example:

  1. Autodesk perpetual licenses, with associated active maintenance plans, may be transferred under one of these circumstances:
    • Acquisition
    • Divestiture of a Business Unit
    • Merger
  2. Autodesk subscriptions within the same Geo may be transferred under one of these circumstances:
    • Acquisition
    • Divestiture of a Business Unit
    • Merger
    • From a subsidiary to its parent company, for the purpose of upgrading to the Premium Plan offering
    • Subscriptions consolidated for the purpose of upgrading to Premium can be transferred back to a customer’s subsidiaries if they choose not to renew their Premium plan


What do you need to request an Autodesk Transfer of License?

Be sure to have the following information ready to include in the Transfer of License and Subscription Application:

  • All active, registered serial numbers for transfer, including the number of seats for transfer and product names
  • Transferor and Transferee company names and addresses
  • Transferee’s Contract Manager (primary contact) name and email address
  • Transferee’s Reseller name, country, and email address
  • Transferor and Transferee signatory names, titles, and email addresses.

It is important to include the correct email addresses for both the Transferor and Transferee, as Autodesk will communicate solely through email if there are any issues. And, if approved, Autodesk will email both Transferor and Transferee for their electronic signatures to complete the TOLS process.


Here are three easy steps to request the transfer of Autodesk license

1. Gather your license or subscription information.

2. Please reach out to your Account Executive or advising that you would like to start the Transfer of License process. Once submitted, Autodesk will review your application and contact you within 2 business days if additional information is needed.

3. If approved, the Transferor and Transferee will receive an email request with instructions for electronic signatures. Signatures must be returned within 7 days or the application will be withdrawn.

Once the Transfer of License and Subscription application is approved, the Transferor/original owner of the software license(s) should provide the Transferee/recipient of the license with all pertinent physical media if applicable.

Autodesk is under no obligation to provide additional or replacement media to either the Transferor or the Transferee for the software being assigned.


If you are still having trouble with your transfer of Autodesk license request, please contact your Account Executive at Microsol Resources or email so we can assist you.

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Published on November 15, 2021 in IT, Subscription.

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