How to Access an Autodesk BIM 360 Site

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Autodesk is currently in its 3rd Generation Cloud platform for BIM collaboration tools in the cloud, but the 1st and 2nd generation platforms are still active. This post will guide you to the correct site, depending on which platform is used in your project or organization.

For each platform, access is controlled via Named User Subscription Licensing, which is tied back to a user’s  Autodesk Account. An account consists of an Autodesk ID, email, and password. After a user has been assigned a license and is added as a member to a Project, they can access the necessary BIM Sites simply by logging in. When using Revit, cloud-worksharing can be accessed via the Collaborate tab. In the web browser, the URLs listed below will take you to the main page or the last Project that was accessed.

1st Generation

First came BIM 360 Teams, combined with Collaboration For Revit (C4R), allows team members to collaborate on a central cloud model from anywhere in the world.

Versions of Revit: 2015-2018

Additional Installation: Collaboration for Revit (C4R)


2nd Generation

Next came BIM 360, which added better collaboration and project management tools, in addition to cloud clash detection, reporting and analytics, and cost management. C4R was improved and repackaged as BIM 360 Design.

Versions of Revit: 2018.3 – 2022

Additional Installation: Autodesk Cloud Models for Revit


3rd Generation

With the 3rd Generation platform, the Autodesk Construction Cloud, there is a common data environment from pre-design, design, and construction, all the way to operations and facility management. This allows team members to collaborate and share data through the entire life-cycle of the building.

Versions of Revit: 2021 – 2022


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