Autodesk Product Keys for Installation from 2023 to 2010

By Anna Liza Montenegro | CAD

Product keys are required for the installation of Autodesk products and are used to differentiate products that are both sold independently and as part of a product suite.

Note: Please ensure you are using the correct product key for the Autodesk product and version you are installing. Entering an incorrect product key will result in activation errors for that product.

For example, installing AutoCAD 2020 as a point product requires product key 001L1, but installing AutoCAD 2020 from the AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2020 requires product key 768L1. The same version of AutoCAD is in both software packages but the product key differentiates one package from the other.


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The serial number and product key for your Autodesk software can be found in a variety of locations, depending on how you obtained your product.

Your Serial Number and Product Key are displayed in your Autodesk Account in the product tray on the Products & Services page and also again in the Software Download window.

Note about serial number visibility in Autodesk Account:

  • Only account administrators, such as Contract Managers and Software Coordinators, and Named Users with assigned software benefits will see serial numbers in Autodesk Account.
  • You are the account administrator if you purchased a software subscription using your Autodesk Account or were assigned the role of Contract Manager or Software Coordinator by your company.
  • If you do not see the software you wish to activate in your Autodesk account or see the message “Contact your admin for serial numbers,” you need to contact the contract administrator. Only an administrator can assign you as a Named User or End User and give you permission to download and activate the software.


If for whatever reason, you cannot locate your product key, there is another method.

Here is an easy step-by-step way to get your product keys:

  1. Using your installation media, (USB key, DVD, download folder, etc.) navigate to the location of the setup.exe file for your Autodesk product.
  2. In that folder, look for a file named MID.txt, MID01.txt, MID02.txt, or some variation on that name.
  3. Open this file in notepad and verify that the product name is what you expected it to be.
  4. The first five characters of the part number should also be the product key for that product. For example:
    MID: Autodesk_Design_Suite_Ultimate_2012_64bit_SWL_ENU_C009_EXE1
    Product Name: Autodesk Design Suite Ultimate 2012
    Platform: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
    Media: ESD
    Part Number: 769D1-05Y001-P503E, 769D1-05Y001-P504E


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Published on April 13, 2021 in CAD.

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