Top 10 Reasons You Can’t See an Element in Revit

People who are new to Revit are always having issues seeing everything in a project view.  I guess it’s the AutoCAD mentality that is so hard to shake at first!  Anyway, over time I’ve seen and heard plenty of suggestions on what a user should or should not do to “expose” missing elements, but the following Top 10 Reasons is the most comprehensive check list I’ve seen.  In my opinion, every Revit newbie should have a copy of this list posted to their cubicle wall until it all becomes second nature.

Note this is actually a repost from the CAD Shack,  so kudos go out to Todd Shackelford for putting the list together and sharing with the masses!

  1. Is the correct Workset being used?
  2. Is the view range set correctly to see the particular element?
  3. Is the object hosted on an incorrect surface like a floor instead of a ceiling?
  4. Is there a filter applied to the view that is causing the element to be hidden?
  5. Is the detail level of the view set correctly?  Some families are set not to show at Coarse.
  6. Try using the “Reveal Hidden Elements” tool in the view control bar.
  7. Is there a plan region in the view?
  8. Is the view “Discipline” set correctly?
  9. Is the element in the correct phase and is an appropriate phase filter set in the view to make it visible?
  10. Is the element part of a design option and perhaps that isn’t the current option for that particular view?

Also note, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a pretty good place to start.  Feel free to post comments of other valuable suggestions you’ve found as well.  I’d love to see this list grow over time if need be.  Cheers!

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