Autodesk’s Transition to Named-User | Recap & Latest Updates

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What’s in a name? Everything. Autodesk has launched new plans that are based on people and retiring plans based on serial numbers.

During this presentation, Rowena Harry, Senior Subscription Specialist of Microsol Resources and Joseph Freund; Microsol Resources’ AEC Applications Specialist, provide the most current information on Autodesk’s transition to named-user subscription model and the technical workflows involved in this transition.

After reviewing this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand Autodesk’s Transition to Named User licensing model.
  • Verify what trade-in offers are available for retired plans based on serial numbers.
  • Compare the benefits of subscriptions with Autodesk’s default standard plan to Autodesk’s premium plan.
  • Confirm eligibility to switch from a single product to a comprehensive set of tools with an Autodesk industry collection; and;
  • Explore the resources available to help prepare for and following a transition to named-user.

Additional Resources:

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