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By Rowena Harry | Subscription

Autodesk Transition to Named User is a trade-in path for multi-user subscription; as well as network perpetual on maintenance plan, and stand-alone perpetual on maintenance plan; which have been discontinued, to Autodesk Named User (single-user) subscription.

Autodesk came out with a trade-in offer to transition to Named User at renewal time for these discontinued products.  Upon trading-in to Named User there are several steps that are required to complete the transition, and, in the allowable timeframe.

Prior to initiating any of these steps; it’s important to note that if you are using versions that are older than 2016 you will need to upgrade because Named User subscription offers version access in current + 5 previous.  Please see details on upgrading to an allowable version directly following the required next steps to complete transition to Named User further below.


Note that Named User subscriptions resulting from a trade-in won’t become available until one day after the current contract anniversary date of the discontinued licenses that are being traded-in. The window to perform the required steps to complete the transition to Named User is starting the day after the current contract anniversary date and within 30 days after. In the meanwhile; the discontinued multi-user subscription and/or network or standalone perpetual licenses will continue to function/remain accessible to users.

We recommend that if you have more than a few users to transition over to try it with just one or a few users; performing steps 1, 2, 3, and 5 only – to confirm success and avoid unlikely but possibly widespread disruption. Please consider also watching our video recording performing these required next steps.

Step 1: Add Users

Administrators add users within the Autodesk Account.

Step 2: Assign Users

Administrators assign users to Named User/ single-user subscription.

Step 3: Switch License Mode to Named User

The process will depend on the version of the software, and whether the previous license is still in use. If the product is a 2016 version, then a new serial number must be requested from Autodesk Support, and the product must be reinstalled. In addition to reinstallation, Transport Layer Security (TLS) updates must be installed.

If the product is 2017 – 2021, then there are two options to switch the license mode from Network, or Standalone, to Named User:

Licenses are issued after confirmation through an active internet connection. To ensure that the licensing service can function properly, please review the following links for Firewall Exceptions and Proxy Configuration:

Note: Installation files for the current and previous three (3) versions can be downloaded from the Autodesk Account at All versions included back to the previous five (5) versions can be downloaded from the Autodesk Virtual Assistant (AVA) at

Step 4: Decommission License Servers

Note this required step is only if you are transitioning from multi-user subscription or network perpetual on maintenance plan.

While Autodesk license files for multi-user subscriptions have a built-in expiration date of 30 days after the current contract anniversary date; once steps 1-3 are completed, admin(s) should decommission license servers to prevent Autodesk compliance issues resulting from users continuing to access network licenses before the built-in expiration date kicks in. Note that if you still have any products that require a network license, then you should keep LMTOOLS running. However, you should generate an updated license file removing expired or traded-in products.

Please reference Autodesk link detailing How To Uninstall the Network License Manager on Windows.

If you still have products that require a network license; please reference Autodesk link detailing How To Generate a Network License File in Autodesk Account.

Step 5: Inform Users of the New Sign-In Process

Advise Users that they will receive an email from Autodesk welcoming new users added to Autodesk Account or notifying existing users of their new subscription assignment and inviting new users added to complete their profile. Inform Users of the new sign-in process going forward.


The Transition to Named User offers access to Autodesk products in current plus 5 prior versions; currently 2021 back to 2016. If Autodesk’s current policy on access to previous versions impacts your projects, we recommend upgrading projects to a newer version as soon as possible.

This can be a time-consuming process but there are batch upgraders available for some products, notably AutoCAD and Revit, which can upgrade entire projects to newer versions. Please note that you should carefully check any files that are upgraded using those types of tools, and of course, you should make sure to back up your original files before running the batch tools.

For AutoCAD and related software that uses the DWG format, please note that the DWG format changes every few years; for example; The 2013 format was used for AutoCAD 2013 through 2017, and the current 2018 format is used for years 2018 through 2021.

For Revit, each year is a separate version. You can review our blog on Upgrading Revit Projects.

You can review the official Autodesk notification of their Prior Use Policy Update.

Sometimes unexpected issues arise from not having the proper updates to some background program blocking the process so please let us know if you need our assistance here and we will get our more learned colleagues in support department involved.


If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (888) 768-7568, or email

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Published on November 30, 2020 in Subscription.

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Rowena Harry is the Senior Subscription Specialist at Microsol Resources. Rowena’s role focuses on Autodesk’s subscription product portfolio related to subscription retention, administrator management, and user access. Rowena works closely with Autodesk and Micrsool Resources' sales and support colleagues to facilitate customer familiarity with Autodesk change-management processes for product access as well as updates within the Autodesk Account interface.