What you need to know about Autodesk Informed Design for Revit?

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For Autodesk, Industrialized Construction (IC) is a scalable approach to the built environment that harnesses manufacturing techniques to achieve positive outcomes such as reduced rework, increased design quality, and reduced costs across the entire lifecycle of a project.

Autodesk’s mission for Industrialized Construction is to change the construction trajectory by helping architects, engineers, construction, owners, and manufacturing customers adopt industrialized construction.


What is Informed Design for Revit?

Autodesk Informed Design for Revit is an add-in for Revit. It is a platform-based solution that brings manufacturing information to the beginning of the design process to inform design decisions improve project certainty, prevent errors, and accelerate our customers’ workflows.

It allows subcontractors to define and share their construction products with architects, including any allowable customization of their building products. This provides architects the ability to customize a building product for their specific needs and know the results will be accurate and manufacturable for their building project.

When designing with Autodesk Revit, architects can browse available building products, customize them in the ways allowed by the template, and include them in their projects. They can be confident that any included building products are accurate, known manufacturable, and prevent downstream errors. When the manufacturing vendor receives the project, they can extract their building products from the Revit data and automatically create models with fabrication details, shop drawings, and bill-of-materials for production.

Empower your designs with customizable, manufacturable building products for unparalleled certainty and quality.

  • Template Discovery: Explore building product templates for seamlessly incorporating manufacturing-level detail into your design files.
  • Customization: Tailor building products to align with your building’s requirements, ensuring compliance with manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Certainty: Ensure design decisions are accurate and manufacturable to reduce project risk and prevent errors.


Who uses Informed Design for Revit?

Autodesk Informed Design for Revit is leveraged by design professionals utilizing Revit to effectively convey design intent for building projects.


What is the difference between Revit and Informed Design for Revit?

Revit is a comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that offers tools for architectural design, structural engineering, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems, and construction. It enables professionals to create, model, and document building projects in a collaborative environment.

Informed Design for Revit is an add-in specifically designed to enhance the functionality of Autodesk Revit. It provides additional capabilities for accessing building product templates, customizing them, and seamlessly integrating them into design files. Informed Design for Revit focuses on optimizing design communication and facilitating the use of manufacturable building components within the Revit workflow.


Why use Informed Design for Revit?

Autodesk Informed Design for Revit is a Revit Add-in enabling design professionals to explore building product templates, tailor them, and seamlessly incorporate them into design files, ensuring traceability as a known, manufacturable component.

Improved design quality

Designers can customize and incorporate accurate and manufacturable building product templates into their designs, ensuring greater certainty in the manufacturability and feasibility of their specified products.

Increase workload capacity

Automate the generation and insertion of Revit family instances based on customized templates, reducing manual effort and saving time in the design process.

Reduce errors and rework

Designers can prevent downstream errors by including construction products that are known to be accurate and manufacturable, minimizing rework and improving overall project efficiency.


What you can do with Informed Design for Revit?

Browse manufacturer content

Browse catalogs of known-manufactured building products for use in Revit projects.

Customize with certainty

Manufacturer capabilities and limitations are enforced as you customize the product to suit your needs.

Insert pre-generated variations

Browse the list of validated product variations to place instances quickly and easily.

Update and replace

Modify the values of existing instances to configure replacements. Swap out-of-date products with the manufacturer’s latest product release.

Informed Design for Revit and Inventor workflow

See how Informed Design for Revit and Inventor combine for design certainty.

Author and publish building products

Building product manufacturers author and publish customizable, repeatable products using Autodesk Informed Design for Inventor.

Customize and Place building products in design files

Access, customize, and place building product templates in design files while respecting manufacturers’ guardrails.

Automatically create output documentation

Using the Informed Design web portal, manufacturers can seamlessly generate all manufacturing documentation automatically.

Are there any prerequisites for using Informed Design for Revit?

In order to utilize Informed Design for Revit, users must have Revit and Autodesk Docs for seamless cloud-based data sharing and building product template integration. While Informed Design for Inventor is not a prerequisite, effective collaboration with the building product supplier utilizing Informed Design for Inventor, Inventor, and Autodesk Docs is essential for optimal usage and synchronization.


How much does Informed Design for Revit cost?

Informed Design for Revit is a complimentary add-in for Revit, available for download and installation at no cost. However, generating manufacturing documentation through the Informed Design web portal incurs a nominal fee of 1/3 token per document (3 documents per token).


What version of Revit can I install Informed Design for Revit on?

Informed Design for Revit can only be installed on Revit 2024 and upcoming releases.


Which operating systems does Informed Design for Revit run on?

Informed Design runs on the same OS as Revit 2024. See Revit system requirements for details.

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Published on February 12, 2024 in BIM.

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