Top 10 Resources for Autodesk Subscriptions

By Rowena Harry | Subscription

We have compiled a helpful top 10 resources to help anyone with their Autodesk licenses, solve problems, share expertise, and realize the business value of your Autodesk investments.

  1. How to do Software Reporting for Autodesk Network License | Whether it’s in preparation of Autodesk Named User transition or in consideration of upgrading from individual products such as AutoCAD to an Industry Collection, if you’re interested in gaining insights into the utilization of your Autodesk “multi-user” (Network) licenses, there are a few options available for reporting or interpreting the data from the Network License Manager (LMTOOLS). Check out this Microsol Resources’ blog post.
  2. Tips & Tricks for Upgrading Revit Projects | There are many benefits to upgrade to the latest version of Revit including security, stability, and new features. But one of the most important as of late is in preparation of Autodesk Named User transition since being on a supported version of current to 3 back from current is a requirement. Here is an article sharing some tips and tricks in upgrading your Revit projects.
  3. Bulk Add Autodesk Users in Autodesk Account | Accessing Autodesk subscription with single-user access types requires that users be added and assigned to their subscription within the Autodesk Account interface by an administrator. When multiple users need to be assigned, the process becomes more tedious. To speed up this process, we created this Microsol Resources’ blog article that explains how you can use an Excel sheet to help you bulk-add your named users.
  4. ROI Estimator | We can calculate and provide estimated savings and estimated costs for trade-in, including adding a Premium plan. Do you want to find out what is going to be your ROI? Contact your Microsol Resources Account Executive or email
  5. Autodesk Roadmap | Share ideas for future product features directly with the Autodesk team and collaborate on existing suggestions with your peers. Check out the Autodesk Roadmap to stay up-to-date on Autodesk’s upcoming features.
  6. Autodesk Transition to Named User | Autodesk is retiring plans based on serial numbers and assigning each subscription to a Named User. These new plans provide benefits now and in the future, at a cost consistent with what you pay today. Do you want to find out how this change will affect you? Click the link for Autodesk’s Transition to Named User landing page to learn more. Contact your Microsol Resources Account Executive or email
  7. Autodesk Steps to Transition to a Named User Subscription |This Autodesk article details the required steps following an order to transition from a stand-alone maintenance plan, a network maintenance plan, or a multi-user subscription to a single-user (Named User) subscription.
  8. Autodesk Subscription Changes Forum | Share your knowledge, ask questions, and explore Subscription changes topics.
  9. Autodesk Tool to Configure your Named User Licenses | To help you transition from a network maintenance plan or a multi-user subscription to a single-user subscription, there are two methods. For both options, users must be assigned to their products beforehand. Users can continue using their products while the tool is running but will need to restart their software and sign in when the update is complete. Check out this Autodesk post on how you configure your named user licenses.
    Admin updates all devices for all users
    Users update their desktop device
  10. Autodesk Comparison of Standard and Premium Plans | Autodesk Named User subscriptions by default include Standard Plan. But for larger sized customers that require more advanced tools, there is the option to purchase Premium Plan. Check out this comparison matrix before you choose your Autodesk Subscription.
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Published on September 29, 2020 in Subscription.

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Rowena Harry is the Senior Subscription Specialist at Microsol Resources. Rowena’s role focuses on Autodesk’s subscription product portfolio related to subscription retention, administrator management, and user access. Rowena works closely with Autodesk and Micrsool Resources' sales and support colleagues to facilitate customer familiarity with Autodesk change-management processes for product access as well as updates within the Autodesk Account interface.