How to Locate your Previous Serial Numbers/Product Keys in Subscription Center

By Anna Liza Montenegro | BIM, IT, Subscription

We have already posted step by step instructions on how to retrieve your current Serial Numbers and Product Keys in Subscription Center. However, there are some instances where you may need access to your previous Serial Numbers.

If you are a Software Coordinator or Contract Manager, you can find Serial Numbers and Product Keys for all products on your Subscription contract by running your Coverage Report. In order to do so, after you have logged into Subscription Center, click Contract Administration from the main menu on the left side.


Then Click “Coverage Report.


Click on the appropriate contract number.


The current version serial number and product keys will appear in the first two columns for each product you have licensed on your Subscription Contract.
Now, in order to locate the previous serial number(s), click on any serial number. This will bring you to the product details page where on the bottom of page you will find a list of related products. All serial numbers for previous versions or migrated products will be listed here.

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Published on June 13, 2013 in BIM, IT, Subscription.

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