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Bluebeam announced that starting June 1, 2024, they are implementing a price increase of approximately 10% of the Suggested Retail Price, which will impact new subscriptions, user additions, and renewals for Bluebeam Basics, Core, and Complete plans. The pricing increase does not affect converted or legacy maintenance pricing.

Along with the price increase, Bluebeam users can look forward to the following upcoming changes:

  1. This is an update to Revu 21 that introduces capabilities like Auto Align in Revu’s Overlay and Compare functions. This innovative feature, driven by AI, promises users up to 80% faster results, building upon the momentum created by the Multiply Markup feature introduced in October 2023 and various other productivity-boosting enhancements already accessible to subscribers.
  2. Bluebeam Cloud users will be able to collaborate in Studio Sessions in a web browser without installing Revu.
  3. As an added bonus, Bluebeam is rolling out new self-service workflows tailored to streamline the configuration of Bluebeam access for users through Single Sign-On (SSO), synchronized with an organization’s active directory. The best part? This valuable addition is part of the subscription package at no extra cost, demonstrating Bluebeam’s commitment to delivering enhanced value to its users.

In essence, while the price adjustment reflects the need for sustained growth, the tangible benefits that accompany it in the form of advanced features and streamlined workflows position Bluebeam users for a more productive and efficient future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be affected by this change?
This price increase will only affect customers with net new, or ‘pure’, subscriptions to our Basics, Core, and Complete plans.


Will converted Complete plans from Maintenance subscriptions be affected?
Prices do not change on June 1 for converted Complete plan subscriptions that were upgraded from Maintenance. 2024 Pricing for these went into effect Jan 1, 2024, and includes a 10% increase per the terms of the Subscription Upgrade offer.


Can we add co-termed users with this updated pricing on the same subscription?
Yes, co-terming is allowed. Customers can add more users of the same Plan type (at the new price) to an existing subscription (with users at the old price) with the same expiration/renewal date.


Is the price for Multiyear Subscriptions increasing by 10%?
Yes. This increase affects the price of multi-year subscriptions.


When will Bluebeam support SSO for me, I only have (under 1000) users or don’t use MS Azure? 
We understand SSO support is a high-importance requirement for many customers. Our team is diligently executing a phased roadmap to help ensure a great experience.


To discuss your options on how this change will affect you, please contact


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