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Bluebeam Subscription Price Increase

Bluebeam announced that starting June 1, 2024, they are implementing a price increase of approximately 10% of the Suggested Retail Price, which will impact new subscriptions, user additions, and renewals for Bluebeam Basics, Core, and Complete plans. The pricing increase does not affect converted or legacy maintenance pricing.

Along with the price increase, Bluebeam users can look forward to the following upcoming changes:

  1. This is an update to Revu 21 that introduces capabilities like Auto Align in Revu’s Overlay and Compare functions. This innovative feature, driven by AI, promises users up to 80% faster results, building upon the momentum created by the Multiply Markup feature introduced in October 2023 and various other productivity-boosting enhancements already accessible to subscribers.
  2. Bluebeam Cloud users will be able to collaborate in Studio Sessions in a web browser without installing Revu.
  3. As an added bonus, Bluebeam is rolling out new self-service workflows tailored to streamline the configuration of Bluebeam access for users through Single Sign-On (SSO), synchronized with an organization’s active directory. The best part? This valuable addition is part of the subscription package at no extra cost, demonstrating Bluebeam’s commitment to delivering enhanced value to its users.

In essence, while the price adjustment reflects the need for sustained growth, the tangible benefits that accompany it in the form of advanced features and streamlined workflows position Bluebeam users for a more productive and efficient future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be affected by this change?
This price increase will only affect customers with net new, or ‘pure’, subscriptions to our Basics, Core, and Complete plans.


Will converted Complete plans from Maintenance subscriptions be affected?
Prices do not change on June 1 for converted Complete plan subscriptions that were upgraded from Maintenance. 2024 Pricing for these went into effect Jan 1, 2024, and includes a 10% increase per the terms of the Subscription Upgrade offer.


Can we add co-termed users with this updated pricing on the same subscription?
Yes, co-terming is allowed. Customers can add more users of the same Plan type (at the new price) to an existing subscription (with users at the old price) with the same expiration/renewal date.


Is the price for Multiyear Subscriptions increasing by 10%?
Yes. This increase affects the price of multi-year subscriptions.


When will Bluebeam support SSO for me, I only have (under 1000) users or don’t use MS Azure? 
We understand SSO support is a high-importance requirement for many customers. Our team is diligently executing a phased roadmap to help ensure a great experience.


To discuss your options on how this change will affect you, please contact


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Meet the Bluebeam Team at Microsol Resources

Microsol Resources is your Bluebeam Platinum Partner that helps you get the most out of your software, best-in-class customer service, technical support, and all Bluebeam services, and have the highest level of Bluebeam product knowledge.

“We here at Microsol Resources are excited to partner with Bluebeam to deliver on our shared vision of improving the way we build together,” said Microsol Resources President Emilio Krausz. “We’re especially looking forward to working directly with Bluebeam to develop an entire series of trainings, webinars, and learning opportunities for our customers that specifically address the challenges they face every day. We are looking for the future and desire to grow as we continue to serve the design and construction industry with the latest technology solutions.”

Michael Schmidt is an Account Executive responsible for supporting our Bluebeam customers from construction firms to architects, engineering, and facility managers across the U.S. A graduate of Quinnipiac University, with a Bachelors Degree in Economics and a Minor in Finance. Michael is eager to gain knowledge in the field of technology. He’s working with Bluebeam customers and showing solutions that make construction sites more efficient, connected, and safe, improving the lives of design and construction professionals everywhere.



Mary Ortega

Mary Ortega is responsible for supporting with subscription renewals of our Bluebeam customers from construction firms to specialty contractors, property owners, and facility managers, architectural design, and engineering firms across the US. Prior to joining Microsol Resources, Mary worked for Silberstang Lasky Architects and Eric J. Smith Architects. She is based in our New York office.







In addition to John and Mary, David Spergel supports our Bluebeam team for our client technical needs. He is a Bluebeam Customer Success Representative, and a Bluebeam Certified Instructor.

As an Applications Specialist at Microsol Resources, he is responsible for providing training, service, and support for our design and construction clients for various software applications including Bluebeam Revu, McNeel’s Rhino, Chaos Group’s V-Ray, Enscape, and as a 3D printing specialist. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University. He is based in our New York office.



Kemper Dickinson photo

Kemper Dicksinson joined the Microsol team in 2024 as an Account Executive for Bluebeam.  He has a concentrated background in construction, land development, and civil engineering. In his free time, Kemper enjoys playing with his Pomeranians and guitar.







Bluebeam’s award-winning PDF solutions push the limits of digital collaboration to enable professionals, who work in the most document-intensive industries like architecture, engineering, and construction firms, manufacturers, government agencies, and municipalities to reduce paper usage by more than 85% and to increase productivity by over 60%.


To contact our Bluebeam team, you can send them an email at


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Bluebeam Ends Sales of Perpetual Licenses, Open & Enterprise Licensing

Bluebeam is moving Revu from a licensing and maintenance model to a subscription model and now offers three Bluebeam Plans with functionality on desktop, web, and iOS mobile to boost your productivity. You can read this FAQ on the various Bluebeam Plans, see the comparison chart of the features, and find out which plan is best for you and your team. They are: 

As Bluebeam continues its business transition to offering subscription and cloud-based solutions, two important changes are coming soon. 

  • After September 30, 2023, Bluebeam will only offer subscription plans for new or additional user access to Revu 21 and will no longer sell new, additional, and renewals of:
    • Revu 20 perpetual licenses: Standard, CAD, eXtreme  
    • Maintenance plans
    • Open Licensing 
    • Enterprise Licensing 
  • Maintenance and Open Licensing renewals will be processed as cost-neutral upgrades to the Bluebeam Complete subscription plan. 

Customers with active Maintenance may continue upgrading to the Bluebeam Complete subscription plan at any time for no additional cost. You can read this article that has tips on self-upgrading your Bluebeam subscription.

What does Bluebeam’s end of perpetual license sales mean for me?


Scenario One: Upgrade to the Latest Version of Revu

We recommend transitioning to the latest version, Revu 21, as soon as possible, so you can leverage up-to-date functionality and get the most out of your investment with Bluebeam.


Scenario Two: Continue Using the Unsupported Version of Revu

That said, you can choose to use an older version of Revu — even after you transition to a subscription — to minimize disruption on your active projects.

If you have additional questions about these various scenarios or need help upgrading your Bluebeam licenses, feel free to reach out to us at


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