Bluebeam Revu 2.0 for Mac is Now Available

By Sofia Jaramillo | Data Management, Subscription

Bluebeam Revu sets out to help you maximize your productivity, improve your project predictability and minimize your risk throughout the project timeline. The award winning PDF editing, markup and collaboration software Bluebeam Revu 2018 has released their newest version for Mac, MAC V. 2.0. This new version has many added features that help in your design and construction workflows.

“No matter if you are using a Windows or Mac computer, Bluebeam Revu is available to work seamlessly for both platforms”.

Intuitive Interface

The intuitive interface and simple navigation in Bluebeam Revu for Mac 2.0 is designed to put all the right tools right at your fingertips. Updated icons and UI styles enhance legibility and recognition. User experiences have evolved to reduce clicks, maximize screen real estate for documents and help users find valuable features more easily.

Menu Dropdowns

The new menu dropdowns create fewer clicks on average and make it easier to find features. The new menus are also more streamlined to save more screen real estate.


Panels are exposed on the side making them immediately discoverable and accessible without resizing elements of the UI, which disrupts visibility and flow. A single click on icons to open and close panels also allows for faster navigation.The Panels were updated to float on the side bars, slimmed down and ready to open for the necessary task. At the same time, these can be shown or hidden so that relevant tools remain available. This provides a simplified user experience making it faster for users to find what they are looking for.

Properties Toolbar

This is a new toolbar that responds to user action by providing contextually appropriate information and controls, which maximizes efficiency by automatically presenting the right tools at the right time. As different tools or markups are selected, users will be presented with a dynamic toolbar that provides immediate access to the most relevant and frequently used controls. Save more screen real estate by reducing the amount of workflow dependent toolbars, such as Font and Line Style, while simplifying workflows. . For example, if you were to use the “Overlay Pages” feature, you can click on “Document Menu” rather than searching for the specific tool. This consolidation also tightens up the interface to bring you more screen real estate to focus on actual work.

Dozens of unique configurations, including:

  • Document Properties
  • Markup Properties
  • Measurement Properties
  • Studio Project Tab Properties
  • Studio Project Document Properties
  • Studio Session Properties

Additional Add-Ins

Get more things done with Industry-specific tools

Hatch Pattern Selection and Import

Revu for Mac 2.0 adds the ability to apply standard hatch patterns to markups, as well as import custom hatch patterns created in Revu for Windows®. Witch hatch patterns, users can visually indicate various material types.

Custom Column Creation

In addition to viewing and importing Custom Columns into the Markups List, Revu for Mac 2.0 now also supports creating and defining Custom Columns that include formulas for calculations, dropdown menus, check boxes, dates, numbers or text.

Sequence Creation

In addition to viewing and placing pre-configured Sequence markups, Revu for Mac users are now able to create and define Sequence markups, allowing these customizable markups to automatically increment numbers or letters for easy identification of items in a PDF.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

Users can now customize keyboard shortcut assignments and remap existing shortcuts based on individual workflow needs. Custom keyboard shortcuts can be exported and imported for easy sharing and creating standardized custom keyboard shortcuts.

Bluebeam Studio Advancements

Studio Projects

With Bluebeam studio you can collaborate with your team no matter where you are. Create or join an existing Studio project to upload and store documents in the cloud for easy streamlined file sharing. Studio Sessions let project teams view, markup and modify the same files at the same time. Stop the back and forth with partners worldwide, invite them to review, modify and change the same PDF in real time, tracking their comments and revisions on the design for future use.

The redesigned Studio Projects integration features an updated tabbed interface, making navigation simple and intuitive. The Studio panel remains focused on the list of available Projects and Sessions and now provides access to multiple Studio Projects simultaneously.

Improved performance

Improved Rendering

Revu for Mac 2.0 introduces an all new document rendering engine that provides smooth scrolling and fast zooming across documents. Rendering updates improves the experience of loading and viewing files, panning, zooming, and interacting with markups, especially for users with Retina displays.


If you want to try Revu for Mac before uninstalling the previous version, click here to get your free 30 days trial so you can have a side by side comparison between versions!

If you’re ready to purchase your Bluebeam Revu licenses, please make sure to visit our Online Store.


Published on October 9, 2018 in Data Management, Subscription.

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