Autodesk Account Sign-In Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By John Semel | Subscription

Creating an Autodesk Account is your key to accessing several Autodesk websites with a single sign-in. This gives you access to download software and manages your products and services.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions around signing in to your Autodesk Account:

  • How do I find my Autodesk Account sign-in information?
  • How can I troubleshoot sign-in problems?
  • Does my single sign-in account mean I have a subscription contract?
  • What does “Keep Me Signed In” mean?
  • How can I get more help if I can’t resolve my sign-in issues?


How do I find my Autodesk Account sign-in information?

There are a number of remedies for forgetting your Autodesk ID, password, or the answer to your security question.

  • I forgot my Autodesk ID: You can sign in to your Autodesk Account using either an Autodesk ID or the email address used when you created your Autodesk Account. Try using the email address where the confirmation email was sent for any recent software purchases. If you log in successfully with an email address, your Autodesk ID will be listed in the Profile section of your Autodesk Account.
  • I forgot my password: Visit page, enter your email address, and click Next. Then click the Forgot? link. You will receive an email with instructions for changing your password.
  • I tried to reset my password but did not receive email instructions: Check your Spam or Junk mail folders and add “” and “” as trusted email domains.
  • I changed my password and still can not sign in: The password verification server could be busy or unavailable. Please allow a few minutes for information to sync and try again in a few minutes.
  • I forgot both my Autodesk ID and the e-mail used to create my account: To avoid losing access to products and services associated with your Autodesk Account, please do not create a new account. Contact us for help locating your Autodesk Account sign-in information. Provide a software serial number or subscription contract number if possible to help us locate the correct account.

How can I troubleshoot sign-in problems?

  1. Check your ID – Please remember that Autodesk Account uses the same Autodesk ID (user ID/email address) and password as for Registration & Activation and many other communities. If you use any of these other Autodesk resources, try using this sign-in information in your Autodesk Account.
  2. Confirm your ID – You may have created multiple Autodesk Accounts that can become mixed up. Make sure you’re using the Autodesk ID/email address that is associated with the account & role you’re trying to access.
  3. Clear your cache – Occasionally something clogs up your browser and it prevents you from signing in. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and attempt to sign in again.
  4. Close and reopen your browser – After clearing the cache and browsing data, some internet browsers need a restart for the changes to be effective.
  5. Try a different browser – Your browser may not be compatible with the website you want to access. Use a different browser and/or update to the most current version.


Does my single sign-in account mean I have a subscription contract?

Not necessarily, but it’s easy to check. Visit and sign in to your Autodesk Account. Subscription contracts appear in the product information in the list of Products & Services.

To subscribe, contact Microsol Resources at


What does “Keep Me Signed In” mean?

Keep Me Signed In is a subscription feature that enables the system to remember your Autodesk ID and password so you don’t have to type it in again. Selecting Keep Me Signed In adds to your desktop a secure browser cookie that is read by each center that you access. This cookie remains on your desktop until you sign out of your account or clear Internet cookies from your computer.

The cookie secures your account data through encryption. Only users with direct access to your computer can use Keep Me Signed In to access your account. Do not select this option if other people use or have access to your computer.


How can I get more help if I can’t resolve my sign-in issues?

Contact us to request additional help with your account.

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