Architecture toolset is included with AutoCAD

By Tom Schwarzweller | CAD

Boost architectural design and drafting productivity by up to 61% with features for architectural drawing, documentation, schedules, and drafting task automation. With the Architecture toolset, you can:

  • Access a library of 8,500+ architectural components, including multi-level blocks
  • Automatically generate floor plans, elevations, sections, and ceiling grids
  • Quickly place walls, doors, and windows with real-world construction

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Architecture toolset features

8,500+ architectural components

Make use of over 8,500 intelligent architectural components, including multi-level blocks, to support various layer standards. Should one of the pre-existing layer standards not meet the needs of your project, you can create your own by customizing an existing one.

Architectural components menu with nested component library

Automatic object generation

You can save time and increase productivity by automatically generating commonly used architectural objects such as floor plans, elevations, sections, and ceiling grids.

Example of automatically generated wall

Walls, doors, and windows

Use elements with real-world behavior and construction, allowing for quicker placement in the documents and drawings that you create.

2D annotated drawing detail

Drawing version management

Check out and check in files to maintain versioning, prevent unauthorized modifications, and ensure drawing integrity. Easily revert to an earlier version of your drawing with comments history, and view the drawing name appended with check-in time.

3D drawing with version history menu opened

Support for layer standards

The toolset creates multiple layers according to the current standard, using predefined layer standards and matching layer key styles. This lets you automatically generate layers as needed when you add objects to a drawing.

Style manager window with layer keys, descriptions, and colors

Display System

With the Display System, you only have to draw an architectural object once. The appearance of that object will change automatically to meet the display requirements of different types of drawings, view directions, and levels of detail.

Display System window with multiple display options

Designing with space and zone objects

Enhance your design options. Organize reports with spaces, and use zones to structure spaces into various groups, according to different schemes.

Space/Zone Manager window overlay with highlighted surface

Detail Component Manager

Use the Detail Component Manager dialog box to seamlessly navigate between different detail component databases. A hierarchical tree view and a filter feature make it easy to locate individual components within a database.

Detail component manager design and documentation screenshot

Architectural renovation

Display existing, demolished, and new construction in a single drawing. This lets you design and produces renovations more quickly while avoiding errors typically caused by editing multiple drawings.

Architectural renovation features floorplan screenshot

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Published on March 23, 2022 in CAD.

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