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Revit Project Maintenance Guidelines

By Roger Liucci | BIM, Software Solutions

The first step of any Revit Model Maintenance process begins with a Detach from Central with Audit. Here are our recommended procedures when creating a new central.

  1. Have all users SWC, Sync with Central, and relinquish all borrowed or owned worksets. I believe no one should own a workset, only borrow from them.
  2. Close all Local Files.
  3. The BIM Manager will open the Central model, by selecting “Detach from Central” along with “Audit”.
    • When the BIM manager works in the Central Model. No one should attempt to open or create a new local.
    • All work is stopped at this point.
  4. The BIM Manager should perform the “Purge All Unused” tool.
  5. Check that the worksets are being utilized properly. Be sure to create worksets for links and to utilize the opportunity to close worksets when creating new locals. Please refer to my blog; “Worksets for Performance”
  6. Check and resolve all Warnings. Easier said than done. This should be an ongoing effort from the start of any project.
  7. At this point the Backup and Revit folders related to the Central Model are useless, they should be deleted. If the team is experiencing permission issues, this can help. The Revit SLOG file could be corrupt and will be re-created after performing these maintenance steps.
  8. Once the backup and Revit folders are deleted the BIM Manager can create a new Central Model by performing a save-as and choosing “Make this a Central Model after save” in the options dialog with “Compact Central” checked. While in this dialog always ensure the following
    • Indicate the “Maximum” number of backups. 20 is the default
    • Choose the option of “Specify” under the section called “Open Workset Default” This gives each local user the option to close worksets when creating their new local file. Close DWG Links workset will offer an enormous performance benefit. Please refer to my blog; “Worksets for Performance”
    • Choose a simple drafting view, “Bulletin Board” as the source for the “Thumbnail Preview” section.
  9. All users can now Create New Local files.

Perhaps this might also be helpful: Best Practices for Revit Projects – RevitZen

Let me know your thoughts on this process. You may have another tip I can add to this resource.


About the Author

Roger, our senior BIM specialist, specializes in all things architecture & construction and has been with Microsol Resources since 2001. He provides technical support for our architectural, interiors, construction and engineering clients.