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Autodesk Takeoff can help you streamline your quantification process and win more work with competitive bids. With this cloud-based solution, you can easily generate 2D takeoffs and 3D quantities from a single platform, ensuring accurate estimates and efficient workflows. The unified solution enables your estimating team to quickly quantify elements from both 2D and 3D models, and manage them alongside subsequent documents in a centralized environment.

Watch this video where Lisa Stine, Autodesk ACS Partner Marketing Manager, will dive into the features of Autodesk Takeoff, from accurate estimates to comprehensive 2D and 3D quantification.

During this video, viewers will gain an understanding of:

  • How a collaboration-first, automation-enabled, and insight-driven approach can improve accuracy and efficiency in creating competitive bids and managing construction projects.
  • Aligning teams with cloud-based data management, automating 2D takeoffs and generating 3D quantities, visualizing the project scope in 3D to avoid rework, and leveraging a single inventory of 2D + 3D quantities throughout the construction process.
  • How cloud-based document management can improve collaboration and simplify access to relevant construction documents, drawings, and 3D models for estimating teams.
  • Performing simplified 2D takeoffs by capturing project scope with linear, count, and area takeoff, generating multiple quantities, and using custom formulas.
  • Performing automated 3D takeoff to achieve time savings and project scope visualization, and how to aggregate 2D and 3D takeoff to access highly organized and customizable quantities from drawings and models.

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