What’s New with AutoCAD + Docs for Design Professionals?

By Microsol Resources | Video

Watch this video to learn how Autodesk AutoCAD and Docs can help design professionals streamline their workflows and improve collaboration. With AutoCAD’s powerful design tools and Docs’ cloud-based document management system, you can access your designs and documents from anywhere and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Microsol Resources’ AutoCAD and Docs expert, Maria Adames who is the Jr. AEC Applications Specialist, guides you through the features and benefits of this powerful combination and shows you how to maximize your productivity and creativity. In this video, viewers will:

  • Understand how Autodesk AutoCAD and Docs can streamline design workflows for design professionals
  • Learn how to access designs and documents from anywhere with cloud-based document management
  • Discover how to collaborate with team members in real-time using AutoCAD and Docs
  • Learn how to maximize productivity and creativity with AutoCAD and Docs’ powerful design tools and features.

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INDUSTRIES: Architecture, Construction

Published on June 12, 2023 in , .

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