What’s New with 3ds Max 2021?

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Autodesk 3ds Max 2021 is focused on modernization, performance, fit & finish.

With the new 3ds Max 2021, Autodesk is introducing all- new experiences for Texture Baking and Install, major improvements to the Viewport and OSL shaders, and key enhancements to Substance tools, ProSound and SketchUp import. You will also find speed improvements throughout your process from installation to rendering, and 3ds Max Python 3 now set as default Python interpreter.


Watch our What’s New with 3ds Max 2021 webinar recording as Steven Schain of CADLearning discusses the newest features and provides tips and tricks in using 3ds Max. You will also learn about:

  • OSL, Bake to Texture and PBR Materials – Massive OSL update; Streamlined, intuitive and fully scriptable texture baking experience, incorporating new PBR materials.
  • Viewports and Rendering– Viewport configuration has been simplified and quality improved, Arnold has been made default and the Scene Converter has been updated.
  • Modeling Enhancements – Explore modeling enhancements available in the Chamfer and new Weighted Normals modifiers, and updated model importers.
  • Installation, Performance and other enhancements – The online and offline installation has been made easier, and the program provides faster object selection, improved load and save times, and more.

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