The Business Value of BIM for Mechanical and HVAC Construction

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Mechanical and HVAC contractors are unique in their use of BIM, with many having used 3D modeling to support offsite fabrication since the 1990s.

They, therefore, have broad experience with the benefits of BIM and face their own challenges to wider, more effective use of it.

This video takes a deep dive into the value of BIM for these contractors by reporting on the findings of a recent study by Dodge Data & Analytics, published in The Business Value of BIM for Mechanical and HVAC Construction SmartMarket Report.

During this webinar, Dr. Donna Laquidara-Carr, Industry Insights Research Director at Dodge Data & Analytics will provide insights:

  • How the different types of mechanical and HVAC contractors – sheet metal/ducting, mechanical piping, plumbing, and multi-trade contractors – are engaged with BIM, and the specific benefits they achieve from their use of BIM and the challenges they face to expand that use.
  • Industry benchmarks for current use of BIM by mechanical and HVAC contractors to conduct analysis before construction begins to improve projects, such as spatial coordination, construction sequencing and quantity takeoffs and how BIM is impacting workflows for these contractors.
  • Determine how BIM-driven prefabrication improves core project performance factors, like costs associated with labor and site logistics, worker safety, schedule performance, and quality.
  • Increase awareness about the impact of the rest of the project team on the use of BIM for these contractors, from the original source of models and their use of third-party resources for modeling, to the challenges they face from lack of BIM engagement by other members of the project team.


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