Realistic Renderings for BIM Projects with V-Ray for Revit

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Architects and design professionals must make thousands of design decisions throughout the life of a project, and the best way for them to evaluate their options is to generate realistic images from their 3D building model.

Watch our webinars to see how, with V-Ray for Revit, you can review design options quickly and easily and make informed choices faster.


Review this pesentation as Ana Lyubenova from Chaos Group explores:


  • The benefits of a dedicated renderer integrated and working directly within Revit for all major phases of your workflow – from concept to final visualizations.
  • The basic steps in the process of rendering a photorealistic image from your Revit project, using V-Ray for Revit.
  • Major features and the specific improvements those bring to your usual Revit workflow.
  • How to create high-quality renders directly in Revit using an intuitive interface and streamlined controls.


Then, watch as Ben Hurlbut, 3D Artist, from Chaos Group reviews some of the top features of V-Ray for Revit including:



  • How to create photorealistic imagery fast with a familiar and easy to use interface
  • Review and present designs fast with simple VR tools
  • Special material overrides for diagrammatic renderings
  • Advanced image post-processing


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