Improve Preconstruction Processes Using Autodesk Assemble

By Brenda Araujo | Video

With Assemble, you can make any design model construction-ready by grouping, sorting, and organizing project information and enriching your model with metadata, as well as streamlining your project communication, collaboration, and coordination efforts, reducing errors, and enhancing your team’s productivity.

Watch this informative video on “Improve Preconstruction Processes using Autodesk Assemble” and learn how to keep your projects on track by conditionally and seamlessly connecting BIM data to various downstream workflows such as design reviews, estimating, change management, scheduling, work-in-place tracking, and more.

During this video, viewers will gain an understanding of:

  • Identify project issues and raise them in Assemble for faster resolution and improved traceability.
  • Track project issues raised in Assemble and access them in both Autodesk BIM 360 Issue Management and in Assemble for seamless project management.
  • Collaborate more effectively with team members by leveraging Assemble’s BIM data tracking and management features.
  • Ability to utilize Assemble’s powerful organization and grouping features to enhance their model’s metadata and downstream workflows.


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Published on September 19, 2023 in .

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