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CADLearning has been acquired by Eagle Point Software

Eagle Point Software, the creator of the Pinnacle Series e-learning solution, has announced the acquisition of CADLearning from 4D Technologies. On July 27, 2023, Eagle Point acquired the CADLearning businesses, including intellectual property and digital assets while assuming responsibility for supporting CADLearning clients.


Eagle Point and CADLearning are recognized as industry-leading providers of learning and development experiences for architectural, civil, construction, product design, and manufacturing engineers. Initially, CADLearning clients will continue to leverage the CADLearning platform and content. Over time CADLearning clients will have opportunities to access additional resources, content, and Pinnacle Series platform functionality like KnowledgeSmart skills assessments and personalized learning paths.

Microsol Resources is a proud partner of CADLearning by 4D Technologies and will transition to being a partner of Eagle Point Software, a perfect extension to our current live Autodesk Certified Instructor-led training classes.

Steve Biver, Eagle Point COO, shared, “We are thrilled to welcome CADLearning clients into the Eagle Point family, and we are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible.”

“CADLearning has a very robust library of Autodesk resources which will match well with Eagle Point’s own extensive offering of content. This acquisition will enable us to offer a more comprehensive and personalized learning experience to all CADLearning and Eagle Point customers and will certainly strengthen our overall business.”


Dan Dolan, President and Founder of CADLearning, shared, “This opportunity with Eagle Point Software helps ensure that our clients will continue to be successful. The team at Eagle Point has been an industry-leading company in the AEC and manufacturing space for more than 40 years.

“Eagle Point’s commitment to the success of its customers was a key consideration and driving force behind this acquisition. We are confident that all CADLearning clients are in great hands with the support of the Eagle Point Software team!”

Pinnacle Series is an AEC and manufacturing learning management solution that features a comprehensive library of videos, documents, and other development resources that enable long-term employee training, on-demand problem-solving, and digital transformation.



About Eagle Point

Pinnacle Series creator Eagle Point Software has helped AEC & manufacturing companies work more efficiently since 1983. Based in Dubuque, Iowa, the Pinnacle Series team is comprised of industry experts who deliver the leading development and productivity platform to more than 500,000 global AEC & manufacturing professionals. Pinnacle Series offers a robust library of on-demand software training content, plus knowledge capture and sharing capabilities that ultimately increase efficiency.


We are working to make this acquisition as smooth as possible for CADLearning clients. You will continue to use the CADLearning Platform and we do not anticipate any disruption in service.

What happens if my subscription is set to renew this calendar year?

CADLearning clients with subscriptions scheduled for renewal in 2023 will be able to renew their CADLearning Subscription as is.

What additional value does the merger offer my company?

Eagle Point Software has been servicing clients in the architectural, civil, construction, product design, and manufacturing industries for 40 years. CADLearning clients will gain access to the Eagle Point Software and Microsol Resources team of customer success, sales, and support representatives to help ensure a smooth transition and continued growth.

The Eagle Point Software content catalog, Pinnacle Series, offers a depth of reliable content beyond Autodesk tools. You will also have opportunities to gain access to content for software solutions from Bluebeam, Bentley, McNeel, SOLIDWORKS, SketchUp, Microsoft, Adobe, and more.

Pinnacle Series offers a wide variety of features and functions. CADLearning clients will have opportunities to benefit from:

  • Personal Learning Paths – Test your users’ knowledge and automatically create learning paths.
  • Customizable Content – Add your own content or connect to 3rd party content.
  • Workflows – Communicate standard process and procedures.
  • Workgroups – Organize content for specific teams and projects
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager (Enterprise Accounts)
What happens to my existing CADLearning subscription?

Your current CADLearning Subscription remains in place. You will continue to have access to the system. We do not anticipate any disruption in service.

Will I have to migrate to Pinnacle?

Our goal is to eventually migrate all CADLearning users to the Pinnacle Series at some point in the future. This is going to take time. We will work together to determine the best course of action for you and your organization.

Can I migrate to Pinnacle right now?

If you wish to move to Pinnacle today, we can work with your company and a member of our customer success team to help determine the right timing for making the switch to Pinnacle.

What is the price of Pinnacle Series? Will there be a cost to migrate to Pinnacle?

Most customers will be able to renew their subscription at the existing CADLearning Subscription rate. We have special pricing for current CADLearning customers to upgrade to an enterprise Pinnacle Series subscription. There will be no cost to migrate to Pinnacle during their CADLearning subscription for qualified customers. Talk to our Microsol Resources Training Coordinator for more information regarding pricing.

What will happen to the CADLearning platform and content?

Eagle Point’s Content Development Team will be reviewing CADLearning’s content and porting over any content that brings additional value to the Pinnacle Series content offering. This will happen over time with the most used content prioritized first.

Eagle Point’s Platform Development Team will be reviewing CADLearning’s platform to understand the various feature sets to see which can bring increased value to the Pinnacle Series platform. The feature sets that bring additional value will be prioritized and incorporated into the Pinnacle Series platform over time. However, the most important priority for the Pinnacle Series Development Team is the current development of the Peak Experience.

I’m a current Pinnacle Series subscriber — how does this impact me?

If you’re a current Pinnacle Series subscriber, you will not see any changes right away. Our teams are evaluating CADLearning and its content and may choose to integrate some features and functions that will benefit our subscribers at a later date.

Will I need to set up Eagle Point Software as a vendor in our system?

Yes, you will want to set up Eagle Point Software as a vendor in your system. Feel free to reach out to Microsol Resources’ Training Coordinator at training@microsolresources for additional questions.

How do I get technical support?

For technical support, please reach out to our support team at

Who do I call for customer services and sales?

We are working on a proactive client outreach program. Expect to hear from us through multiple channels – phone, email, and social media. In the meantime, feel free to contact us should you have any questions or immediate needs.

Phone: +1-888-768-7568

Visit our Contact Us page for our location and local contact info.

We value your feedback. As we move through this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible!


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What’s New with Revit 2024

Fresh from the Factory, Revit 2024 is rolling out globally! In this release, we’ve combined eagerly anticipated additions, like Site Tools for landscape designers, with highly requested enhancements from the community, like Dark Theme and a more modern user interface.

We’re thrilled to share the latest advancements in Autodesk Revit, spanning across the 2023 and 2024 releases. With each new version, Revit evolves to meet your needs, delivering better performance, enhanced features, and seamless collaboration opportunities. Let’s dive into the exciting highlights:


Introducing Site Tools for Revit & Revit LT.

This new toolset supports the design and documentation of richly detailed landscapes. You can use Site Tools to:

  • Collect and rationalize existing conditions data from CAD Imports, CSV point files, and more.
  • Model your design intent freely and easily, with versatile site and massing tools for modeling topography.
  • Populate schedules, sheets, and views and calculate material quantities. Cut, fill, join, and run phasing scenarios. Use the design-to-documentation engine of Revit to save time and improve design quality when modeling landscape and site conditions.


Save time in concrete detailing.

Structural engineers and rebar detailers have new capabilities for creating, scheduling, and documenting rebar. Use the new bar bending details to:

  • Create reinforcement drawings and schedules with detailed fabrication instructions. With this new tool in Revit, when the model changes, the details adapt along with it.
  • Add and customize rebar bending details so that your views and sheets respect your typical practice.
  • Reduce errors and omissions in your document sets.


Evolve work together.

Link Coordination Model from Autodesk Docs into Revit makes it easier for project teams to sync and coordinate design deliverables. Keep project files light and teams on the same page.

  • Link models and views from any of the 60+ formats supported by Docs and the Autodesk Construction Cloud directly into Revit.
  • Underlay the coordination model as visual reference when designing in Revit.
  • Reduce the need for interpretation when coordinating up-to-date design deliverables with partners and project teams.


Revit 2023: Power-Packed Enhancements

Revit 2023 arrives with a wave of refinements, tailored to elevate your design-to-documentation workflows. Building upon your valuable feedback, over 30 feature requests from the Revit Ideas platform have been incorporated. From subtle quality-of-life improvements to groundbreaking innovations, Revit 2023 is designed to enhance your experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Improved modeling and documentation tools, including enhanced schedule filtering and conditional formatting.
  • Structural engineers enjoy revamped analytical modeling, granting greater flexibility and control.
  • Electrical engineers benefit from efficient load analysis workflows, streamlining project planning.
  • Seamless integration between FormIt Pro and Revit, facilitating design concept transition.
  • Enhanced BIM data management and collaboration with Autodesk Docs.


Revit 2024: Evolving Excellence

Building upon the success of Revit 2023, Revit 2024 introduces even more features aimed at refining your design process, amplifying productivity, and enriching collaborative efforts.

Noteworthy Additions:

  • Introducing Site Tools for landscape design, offering detailed modeling and documentation capabilities.
  • Streamlined rebar detailing with new bar bending details, reducing errors and optimizing fabrication instructions.
  • Enhanced coordination with Autodesk Docs, simplifying cross-team collaboration and design synchronization.

These releases demonstrate Autodesk’s commitment to continuously innovate and elevate your design experience. The integration of user-requested features and cutting-edge technologies ensures that Revit remains a cornerstone of the architectural, engineering, and construction landscape.


Join the Conversation and Explore Further

To delve deeper into these updates and engage with the Revit community, we invite you to:

  • Attend our “What’s New in Revit” webinars to discover the highlights from our AEC experts.
  • Participate in Ask Me Anything sessions to gain insights into the Revit roadmap.
  • Join the Autodesk Research Community to contribute to product development and shape future experiences.

Thank you for being a vital part of the Revit journey. Your feedback and enthusiasm fuel our dedication to delivering exceptional tools that empower your creativity and innovation.

Embrace the latest features, amplify your design potential, and embark on a transformative experience with Revit 2023 and 2024.

Happy designing!


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Top Things you need to know about AutoCAD Web

AutoCAD Web allows users to access AutoCAD score commands and fundamental drafting capabilities on the web. It is a cloud-based solution for CAD, which allows you to view, edit, create and share drawing from your browser or mobile device without the need to install software on your computer. 

Don’t forget, the AutoCAD web and mobile apps are part of your AutoCAD subscription entitlement!

Currently, access to the full features of AutoCAD on mobile is available through the subscription to the Premium or Ultimate tiers of the AutoCAD mobile app which also comes as an entitlement to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.

Access to AutoCAD on the web is similarly available with the subscription to AutoCAD or to AutoCAD LT but is also available through the web app program. For $100 yearly, AutoCAD Web makes it easier than ever to work anytime, everywhere on any device.



Autodesk launched the AutoCAD web program in July of 2020 to help customers adjust to the changing pandemic work situation by providing free access to the features of the AutoCAD web app. As we have all adjusted to the new normal, the web app program has concluded, and AutoCAD web is in its place. As a result, the new AutoCAD portfolio will consist of AutoCAD Web, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD LT. Access to AutoCAD one web and mobile will now be available as part of a subscription to AutoCAD Web. or as an entitlement under AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.


Why use AutoCAD Web?

  • Access tools and commands to draft online or via mobile with the precision of AutoCAD.
  • Collaborative workflows allow you to bring teams together to review and edit CAD drawings wherever they are.
  • Open files directly from Autodesk Drive, Autodesk Docs, or leading loud storage, age providers which allow for continuous connectivity
  • Operate the cloud-based app from a web browser-no need to install AutoCAD.


What can you do with AutoCAD Web?

  1. No installation is required to edit, create, share and view CAD drawings. Sign at to begin or install the mobile app and work straight from your device.
  2. Simplify workflows by opening DWG files directly in the AutoCAD wapp or mobile ap from Autodesk Drive, Autodesk Docs, Microsoft One Drive, Box Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  3. Take your CAD drawings with you in the field and beyond: With the AutoCAD mobile app, you can work on your projects in the app without an internet connection and sync later.

AutoCAD Web provides additional functionality beyond what is available in DWG true view and other free Autodesk DWG viewers. For automation, customization, and best-in-class 2D drafting and design, AutoCAD LT remains the offer with the most features and capabilities.

System Requirements for AutoCAD Web

The AutoCAD web app is supported by the following browsers on Windows or Mac:

  • 64-bit Google Chrome (version 96 or later)
  • 64-bit Mozilla Firefox (version 100 or later)
  • 64-bit new Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based, version 96 or later)

For the best performance, it is recommended to use the latest version. Minimum processor: Intel® Celeron® CPU N3160 @ 1.60GH


Note: AutoCAD isn’t currently supported if you are using Firefox with private browsing. Firefox with private browsing prevents the use of service workers, a technology that is needed to internally communicate between the AutoCAD engine and the AutoCAD user interface. If you wish to use private browsing, you can use Google Chrome in Incognito mode.



Access to AutoCAD on the web and mobile is also included as part of an AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT subscription. After purchasing an AutoCAD Web subscription, or a subscription to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, you can sign in at to get started or download the mobile app from Google, Apple, or Microsoft app stores.


For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Microsol Resources Account Executive or email us at

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