What’s New with the latest version of Enscape?

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Enscape 4.0 is here! It marks a significant leap forward in real-time rendering and visualization, emphasizing a unified user experience across different platforms, notably including macOS alongside Windows for the first time.

This version is described as laying the groundwork for future developments with a reworked codebase that enhances performance and stability. The new Enscape version also introduces tighter integration within the Chaos ecosystem, allowing for more cohesive development across operating systems​.

What is the latest version and features of Enscape 4.0?

New people & animated vegetation assets

One of the standout features of Enscape 4.0 is its extensive array of new assets, including people and animated vegetation, which enrich the realism and vibrancy of visualizations.


NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports

The introduction of the NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports significantly improves image quality, especially in settings with minimal direct light. For Windows users, there are beta features like ray-traced artificial lights, which produce more accurate lighting effects, and improvements in reflections and global illumination for hardware that supports ray tracing.

Timeline Animations

For those working in collaborative environments, Enscape 4.0 introduces new tools designed to streamline workflows and enhance communication between designers, architects, and clients. Features such as Timeline animations and enhanced commenting tools facilitate real-time feedback and more efficient project development cycles​.


NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports

Further underlining its commitment to real-time rendering, Enscape 4.0 brings notable improvements in rendering speed and visual fidelity, offering more realistic materials and advanced lighting effects. This update ensures faster render times and stunningly immersive visualizations that capture the essence of the designers’ intent.

Denoiser off/on

Denoiser off/on


New VR headset support

Moreover, Enscape 4.0 expands its VR capabilities with official support for new VR headsets like the Meta Quest 3 and HTC Vive Pro 2, promising faster loading speeds and crisper details in virtual reality experiences. The update also includes a UI reskin, support for Rhino version 8.3 or later, and optimizations for Revit Worksharing, improving the user experience for Revit users working on shared models​.

Lastly, Enscape 4.0 enhances interoperability within the Chaos ecosystem through the introduction of V-Ray Scene Exporter. This feature allows for seamless data transfer to V-Ray and other design applications, strengthening the workflow connection between Enscape and other tools used by design professionals.

Enscape 4.0 represents a comprehensive update aimed at improving the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of real-time rendering for architects and designers. Its focus on multi-platform support, enhanced assets, improved rendering capabilities, and streamlined collaboration tools sets a new standard for visualization software in the architectural and design industries.


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Published on April 23, 2024 in Visualization.

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