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What’s New with the latest version of Enscape?

Enscape 4.0 is here! It marks a significant leap forward in real-time rendering and visualization, emphasizing a unified user experience across different platforms, notably including macOS alongside Windows for the first time.

This version is described as laying the groundwork for future developments with a reworked codebase that enhances performance and stability. The new Enscape version also introduces tighter integration within the Chaos ecosystem, allowing for more cohesive development across operating systems​.

What is the latest version and features of Enscape 4.0?

New people & animated vegetation assets

One of the standout features of Enscape 4.0 is its extensive array of new assets, including people and animated vegetation, which enrich the realism and vibrancy of visualizations.


NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports

The introduction of the NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports significantly improves image quality, especially in settings with minimal direct light. For Windows users, there are beta features like ray-traced artificial lights, which produce more accurate lighting effects, and improvements in reflections and global illumination for hardware that supports ray tracing.

Timeline Animations

For those working in collaborative environments, Enscape 4.0 introduces new tools designed to streamline workflows and enhance communication between designers, architects, and clients. Features such as Timeline animations and enhanced commenting tools facilitate real-time feedback and more efficient project development cycles​.


NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports

Further underlining its commitment to real-time rendering, Enscape 4.0 brings notable improvements in rendering speed and visual fidelity, offering more realistic materials and advanced lighting effects. This update ensures faster render times and stunningly immersive visualizations that capture the essence of the designers’ intent.

Denoiser off/on

Denoiser off/on


New VR headset support

Moreover, Enscape 4.0 expands its VR capabilities with official support for new VR headsets like the Meta Quest 3 and HTC Vive Pro 2, promising faster loading speeds and crisper details in virtual reality experiences. The update also includes a UI reskin, support for Rhino version 8.3 or later, and optimizations for Revit Worksharing, improving the user experience for Revit users working on shared models​.

Lastly, Enscape 4.0 enhances interoperability within the Chaos ecosystem through the introduction of V-Ray Scene Exporter. This feature allows for seamless data transfer to V-Ray and other design applications, strengthening the workflow connection between Enscape and other tools used by design professionals.

Enscape 4.0 represents a comprehensive update aimed at improving the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of real-time rendering for architects and designers. Its focus on multi-platform support, enhanced assets, improved rendering capabilities, and streamlined collaboration tools sets a new standard for visualization software in the architectural and design industries.


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Explore the Future of Visualization at Chaos Unboxed New York

We’re about to awake to a new dawn in visualization, where exciting tools and technologies will allow everyone to create anything they can imagine without limitations. Technology enables visualizing spaces and rendering architectural models in immersive environments, utilizing augmented reality to create three-dimensional objects within a real space, and creating a VR walkthrough based on your BIM data.

Microsol Resources a Chaos Gold Partner and a premier provider of technology solutions to the design industry, will host Chaos Unboxed in New York on April 17, 2024, at the CUNY Graduate Center to learn what’s new, where the industry is heading, and how Chaos tools can help you visualize and explore the future of architectural visualization.

ArchViz Workshop

When: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 | 1 to 5 pm
Where: CUNY Graduate Center, Concourse Level – Room C, 34th Street & 5th Avenue, New York

Chaos Unboxed New York


Loaded with exclusive educational content by Nikos Nikolopoulos, Founder and Creative Director of Creative Lighting, this workshop will help you master architectural visualization and lighting by leveraging both the wisdom of Creative Lighting’s philosophy and the cutting-edge technology of Chaos software. Join this workshop to explore:

  • Composition and storytelling
  • Advanced techniques for realistic lighting
  • Exterior lighting strategies for Archviz
  • Mastering the color palette

This is not a hands-on workshop, no equipment will be needed. The workshop is accredited by the AIA for 3.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).


“We are thrilled to be able to bring Chaos Unboxed to New York for the first time and as part of the series of Chaos Unboxed events worldwide and to discuss the future of architectural visualization.” says Emilio Krausz, President of Microsol Resources. “We are excited to hear from leading architectural visualization experts how they incorporate AI with advanced 3D modeling and animation software to produce immersive experiences such as virtual and augmented reality,” added Mr. Krausz.

Chaos Unboxed: The Future of Visualization

When: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 | 5 to 8 pm
Where: CUNY Graduate Center, Proshansky Auditorium, 34th Street & 5th Avenue, New York

Chaos Unboxed New York 2024 Presenters Pics

Join us for the wine and beer reception from 5 to 6 pm. Then, hear the architectural visualization presentations from 6 to 8 pm.


Agenda Highlights for Chaos Unboxed

We will hear from these architectural visualization experts and hear how they enhance real-time visualization workflows, bringing complexity and realism to their designs.

  • Mengyi Fan, Director of Visualization | SHoP Architects
  • Daniel Cashen, Associate Principal | SOM
  • James Falconer, Managing Director | The Boundary
  • Luis Inciarte, Founder & Director | Narrativ

AI (artificial intelligence) rendering is making waves in the world of architecture. Our discussions at this event will explore ways to understand how this new technology has the potential to change architecture visualization as we know it. Is it a threat to avoid or an opportunity to pursue?

We will also hear the product roadmap directly from the Chaos product team. You can learn first about the latest V-Ray and Enscape features, ensuring seamless workflows, cloud collaboration, and their real-time building performance module.

  • Dan Monaghan, Regional Head | Chaos
  • Roderick Bates, Director of Corporate Development | Chaos
  • Ivan Kozaliev, Presales & CGI Specialist | Chaos

Sign up and reserve your seat and be the first to know what’s next in visualization. Chaos Unboxed presentations is accredited by the AIA for 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).



For an up-to-date schedule of the sessions, and to register for the Chaos Unboxed New York event, visit the


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Tips to Get Started with 3D Architectural Visualization

What is 3D visualization?

3D visualization is the process of creating graphics and rendering designs using 3D software. Many industries benefit from 3D visualization ranging from architecture, film, and games, to engineering and manufacturing. A number of products and visions are created in 3D visualization prior to execution, saving both time and costs for producers, manufacturers, and customers.

What is 3D architectural visualization?

Visually communicate your clients’ proposed designs and beautifully tell their story with realistic elements and details. The future of architectural design and 3D architectural visualization allows for projects to be designed, revised, and refined in real-time prior to building. This helps eliminate unnecessary costs and time spent on project changes and also helps customers marketing their designs to potential buyers. Adding fine-tuned embellishments such as greenery, lighting, and people, bring an enriched and engaging experience to architecture and its surrounding landscape through 3D visualization.

Benefits of 3D architectural visualization

Technical to Visual

3D visualization software translates technical drawing into a visual story, helping you communicate the project to customers, architects, and engineering teams.

Marketing a Vision

Whether you’re attracting investors or buyers, architectural visualization allows your marketing material to convey an aspirational vision and attract prospects.

Test & Validate

3D architectural visualization helps you to identify design flaws overlooked through conventional 2D techniques. Build life-like models, validate designs, and scale in real-time.

What do you need 3D architectural visualizations for?

Produce High-End Imagery

Advanced modeling, texturing, and lighting tools in 3ds Max give you the freedom to create and deliver photo-real imagery, giving your customer a better experience of their future environment and investment.

Accommodate Changes Instantly

Project timelines are becoming increasingly shorter, and clients want everything faster. 3ds Max gives you the speed and flexibility to perform fast iterations and countless variations without starting from scratch.

Immerse Clients in their Space

Invite your clients to experience their designed environment both virtually and emotionally. 3ds Max 3D building visualization tools embellish down to the smallest detail, and when used with Unity, allows you to create real-time arch viz walkthroughs with ease.

V-Ray for SketchUp

Workflows for Architectural Visualizations

Many immersive visualization tools plug directly into your 3D model, providing fast, immersive access to the project design to anyone, at any time, and on any device.

Start with a sketch, drawing, physical model, scan data, or only an idea.  This new McNeel Rhinoceros 7 can create, edit, analyze, document, render animate, translate NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines), curves, surfaces, solids, point clouds, and polygon meshes.

Many tools offer a simple workflow from a 3D modeling tool, like Autodesk Revit, that serves as a hub of information to document everything from schematic massing to construction detail. For photorealistic 3D rendering in various Autodesk products, Autodesk 3ds Max software helps with modeling, animation, rendering, and workflow updates.

V-Ray rendering software is built for architecture — from early massing models to photorealistic imagery, VR, and animation. V-Ray connects seamlessly with the top 3D modeling and design applications including 3ds Max, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, and Unreal.



V-Ray for 3ds Max

V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max

V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max Scene Intelligence delivers faster ray tracing, cleaner sampling, and more accurate rendering.


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V-Ray for Rhino

V-Ray Next for Rhino offers visualization professionals a state-of-the-art solution that generates high-quality images of unparalleled realism.


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V-Ray for Revit

V-Ray Next for Revit lets architects render professional-quality, high-resolution images directly from their Revit model and helps them make critical design decisions.


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V-Ray for Sketchup

With V-Ray 5 for SketchUp, Chaos Group has dramatically expanded the capabilities of rendering software — so your customers can do more without leaving SketchUp.


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V-Ray for Unreal

V-Ray for Unreal introduces the fastest, simplest way for architects, product designers, and pre-vis specialists to bring V-Ray scenes into real-time and render ray-traced images directly from Unreal Editor, supporting both V-Ray scenes and native Unreal Engine scenes.


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V-Ray Collection

VRay Collection

V-Ray Collection is the ultimate 3D rendering and simulation toolset. Designers looking for total creative freedom and flexibility, get instant access to 15 Chaos products all with one license.


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McNeel Rhino

McNeel Rhinoceros

To be an effective designer today, you need tools to quickly develop your designs and accurately communicate them to everyone in the product research, development, marketing, and manufacturing or construction process. Start with a sketch, drawing, physical model, scan data, or only an idea.


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Autodesk Revit

revit 2021Use Revit to drive efficiency and accuracy across the project lifecycle, from conceptual design, visualization, and analysis to fabrication and construction. Revit features tools for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals.


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For photorealistic 3D rendering in various Autodesk products, Autodesk 3ds Max software helps deliver improved productivity so that users can work more efficiently and creatively with modeling, animation, rendering, and workflow updates.


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Combined with the power of visualization, you’re able to explore your design model and get a much more accurate understanding of the final product before moving into construction.

If you have any questions or need additional information about these visualization tools, feel free to reach out to our team.


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