What’s New in Enscape 3.4?

By David Spergel | Virtual Reality, Visualization

Say hello to Enscape 3.4 and its many feature updates and workflow improvements! With Enscape’s latest version, they have added fine-tuning some of their client’s favorite features to further streamline your workflow and elevate your design experience.

Enscape is a powerful real-time rendering and visualization software that allows architects, engineers, and designers to create stunning 3D visualizations of their projects.

Enscape 3.4 is the latest version of the software, released in 2021. In this article, we will explore some of the new features and improvements in Enscape 3.4.

Explore Enscape 3.4 and benefit from:

Material Editor

One of the major updates in Enscape 3.4 is the new Material Editor. This new feature allows users to create and edit materials directly in the Enscape window, making it much easier to see the changes in real time. With the Material Editor, you can create a wide range of materials, from simple colors and textures to complex, multi-layered materials with reflectivity and transparency.

Custom Asset Library

Another significant improvement in Enscape 3.4 is the ability to create and add custom assets to the Enscape library. This feature allows users to create their own custom objects, textures, and materials and then save them as presets for future use. The Custom Asset Library makes it much easier to create consistent visualizations with a unique style, and it allows users to share their assets with others in their teams.

Improved Lighting and Shadows

Enscape 3.4 also includes several improvements to lighting and shadow rendering. The new version features an improved sun positioning system, which makes it easier to position the sun accurately for a specific location and time of day. Additionally, the new version of Enscape includes improved soft shadows, which create a more realistic and natural lighting effect.

Animated Vegetation

Enscape 3.4 introduces animated vegetation, which adds a new level of realism to visualizations. With this feature, plants and trees can be animated to move in the wind, adding a dynamic and lifelike effect to outdoor scenes.

Revit Enhancements

Enscape 3.4 also includes several enhancements to Revit integration. The new version features improved support for Revit’s Section Box tool, which makes it easier to visualize specific parts of a project. Additionally, Enscape now supports the display of multiple Revit categories simultaneously, making it easier to see a complete view of a project.

Overall, Enscape 3.4 offers several new features and enhancements that make it an even more powerful tool for architects, engineers, and designers. Whether you are creating realistic visualizations of architectural designs, or you are looking to add more realism to your 3D models, Enscape 3.4 is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Enscape + Chaos Group’s V-Ray

In 2022, Enscape merged with Chaos, a developer of visualization technologies that empower artists and designers to create photorealistic imagery and animation across all creative industries. Together, the newly-combined company is creating an end-to-end ecosystem of 3D visualization tools accessible to everyone. To learn more about this merger, read this article.

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Published on February 22, 2023 in Virtual Reality, Visualization.

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David Spergel is an Applications Specialist at Microsol Resources and specializes in emerging visualization technology for architecture and construction industries. He provides training, and consulting service, and supports Microsol’s clients using software applications from Bluebeam Revu to McNeel’s Rhino, Chaos Group’s V-Ray, and Enscape. He is a Bluebeam Customer Success Representative, a Bluebeam Certified Instructor, and a 3D printing specialist. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University.