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If you’re an Autodesk Subscription customer, you can use the Download Now method to download files for installing later or on a different computer. This method utilizes the Autodesk Download Manager, which provides faster downloads and the ability to pause and restart if needed. Before reviewing the steps below on how to download software from Subscription Center, please read the following download and install information:

  • Network Installation: If you are installing your new software on a network, you must download and install the latest version of the Network License Manager to successfully activate your software. See How to Install the Network License Manager for more information.
  • Download Now Availability: If you don’t see an option for “Download Now” in Subscription Center for your software, the download method is not available for that particular product or version.
  • Download Access:To download software from Subscription Center, you must have access to full product downloads. If you don’t have the appropriate access, contact your Contract Manager.
  • Component Installation Failure:Make sure you completely uninstall all previous versions before attempting Install Now with a new version. See How to manually uninstall the product using Microsoft Fix it to ensure complete removal of previous products and components. If you complete the install process and receive a message that some software components didn’t install, this is most likely due to software conflicts on your computer and not because the components didn’t download.

How to Download Software from Subscription Center 

The first step involves selecting your software from Subscription Center and downloading and installing the Autodesk Download Manager, which will download and launch the installer file for your new software.

To download and install software using Download Now:

  1. Log into Subscription Center at and click Access Your Subscription BenefitsAutodesk Subscription
  2. Click the Get Your UpgradeGet your upgrade
  3. Select your desired Languageand Operating System platform from the pull-down menus at the top of the page.
  4. Enter a product name in Product Searchor scroll through the product options and click the Year Button for the version you wish to download and install.Note: 2014 and newer software version names begin with “Autodesk” (ex. Autodesk AutoCAD). You will find 2013 and older versions listed separately by software name (ex. AutoCAD).
  5. Click the pull-down arrow on the download method button to the right and select Download Nowfrom the menu.Note: For Windows systems, 32-bit or 64-bit refers to the version of your operating system, which you can check by going to Control Panel > System. You must choose the correct version in order to use the software.
    Download Now
  6. Install the Autodesk Download Manager. Accept the License Agreementclick Install, and then select Run when asked what you’d like to do with the install file. The download and install process will then begin for the Autodesk Download Manager.Note about “Communication Error” message:If you encounter a “Communication Error” message before the software downloads and installs, this could indicate a problem with your Web browser’s security settings or the download or install of the Autodesk Download Manager. Using a different Web browser or the Browser Download method as an alternative may correct the problem. See How to download software from Subscription Center using the Browser Download method.
  7. Click OK when prompted for a save location by the Download Manager. This saves the install file in the default location (which is recommended). This indicates that the Download Manager installed and launched successfully and is now ready to download your software.

How to Install Software after Download

The Autodesk Download Manger should download the full install file and save it to the Autodesk directory on your computer. Launch the .exe or .dmg file to install your software. Follow the instructions below to complete the installation.

To install your new Autodesk software:

  1. Select your language and click Installon the installation screen.
    New Picture
  2. Select Country or Region, review and Acceptthe Autodesk License and Services Agreement then clickNew Picture
  3. Select the Product Languagefrom the drop down menu (if installing a multi-language product) and then select the License Type of your product (either Stand Alone or Network).Learn more about Autodesk Licensing Options.New Picture
  4. Enter your Serial Number and Product Keyand then clickSelecting I want to try the product for 30 days will install the product in Trial Mode. After 30 days, you won’t be able to use product without a valid Serial Number and Product Key.New Picture
  5. Select the components you wish to install and the installation path and click Installto initiate installation.The default configuration pre-selects the components to be installed with your product. The Installation path indicates the location where your Autodesk product will be installed. It is recommended that you proceed with the default configuration and location.Note: If you customize the Installation path, make sure it does not exceed 260 characters or you will receive an error during installation.New Picture
  6. Review the list of installed components and click Finishto close the installer.Note about Failed Installation: If the final installation screen indicates that some of the components failed to install, this does not indicate that they failed to download. This typically occurs when there was an installation conflict with software already on your computer. Note the components that didn’t install, uninstall them completely, and initiate the installation again.See How to manually uninstall the product using Microsoft Fix it for more information.

New Picture
The installation process is now complete!  Click here to learn how to Activate and Register Autodesk software. If you have any lingering questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 888-768-7568 or email



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