How to Upgrade and Register your Bluebeam Revu

By Michael Schmidt | Data Management, IT, Subscription

If you are interested in upgrading and/or registering you Bluebeam Revu software, you’ll want to follow the four simple steps below:

Step One
Before you begin registering your Bluebeam Revu software, head to the Bluebeam Revu Compatibility Chart to confirm your new version of Bluebeam Revu is compatible with the operating system and associated software on your machine.

Step Two
Locate the correct serial number and product key for the new software – it’s important that this information matches the edition and version number you are interested in registering. If you’re doing a major upgrade, such as going from Revu 2015 Standard to Revu 2016 Standard, or from Revu 2016 Standard to Revu 2016 eXtreme, you’ll need a new serial number and product key for the new version.

Self-Upgrade for Customers with Maintenance
Customers who have maintenance can issue a new serial number and product key for themselves by going to the Self Upgrade page and entering the registration information for their current software, and then clicking the Search button.

Step Three
In order to successfully upgrade, you need to download and install the newer version of the software. Simply unregistering your current Revu software and re-registering it with the new serial number and product key will not upgrade the software or unlock new features.

Once you receive an email containing the registration information for the new version of Bluebeam Revu, you’ll notice that it contains a download link that takes you to the Bluebeam Downloads and Updates page. Once you get there, you want to make sure you select the edition and version number of Bluebeam Revu that is listed in the email. If you’re offered the option to Save or Run the file after making your selections, save it to your hard drive.

Note: If you don’t have an email containing the new Serial Number and Product Key please contact us to request another copy.

Step Four
Once the download is complete, close all of your open programs, and double-click on the installer. If you’re upgrading to Revu 2015 or above, the naming convention for the installation file will be “BbRevu<Year>_<edition>.exe.”, for example:

Product Name Installer Filename
Bluebeam Revu Standard 2016 BbRevu2016_standard.exe
Bluebeam Revu CAD 2016 BbRevu2016_CAD.exe
Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2016 BbRevu2016_eXtreme.exe


If your upgrade involves going to version 12 or older, the naming convention will be “BbRevu<Edition><Version>.exe.”, for example:

Product Name Installer Filename
Bluebeam Revu Standard 12.6 BbRevuStandard1260.exe
Bluebeam Revu CAD 12.6 BbRevuCAD1260.exe
Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 12.6 BbRevueXtreme1260.exe


During Step Four of the installation process, a registration window will appear where you will be asked to enter your serial number and product key. You can open your email at this time and copy-paste the information directly into the corresponding boxes.

After you’ve clicked the Register button, the software will contact the registration server to complete the activation process and eventually you’ll be able to click the Finish button to complete the installation.

Note: If you receive an error message when registering your software, please make sure you’ve entered the correct serial number and product key, as discussed earlier in this post. If the message doesn’t go away, please check our Bluebeam Registration Errors page to see what it means and how to resolve it. 


For more details regarding Bluebeam Revu, contact Microsol Resources at (888) 768-7568 or email



Published on January 25, 2017 in Data Management, IT, Subscription.

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