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By David Spergel | Surveying

Interested in surveying and data capture into a 3D model or 2D drawing, so you can start your design with accurate dimensions? GeoSLAM gives designers the power to collect geospatial data from some of the most difficult environments, whether they are indoor, outdoors, underground – everywhere.

Though during COVID-19, our ability to be able to carry out demo has been restricted so we’ve come up with a solution to bring it to you. Demo in a box means you can still experience the power of GeoSLAM, use it for surveying and data capture into a model or drawing, so you can integrate clear and comprehensive data and real-time processing.

Capturing Reality Into Your Design Process Using GeoSLAM


What is GeoSLAM’s Demo in a Box?

We’ll box up and ship you GeoSLAM’s ZEB to borrow for a couple of days, so you can scan your house (apartment building or garden shed), process the data, and see for yourself the results you can achieve in a matter of minutes.

We’ll show you how you can create a floorplan, layouts, and sections, use a sketch to measure angles, distances, and surfaces, or export the data for third-party software such as Revit.

How does Demo in a Box works?

  • If you want to try GeoSLAM out for yourself, complete the form below
  • We will be in touch to talk to you about your project
  • If GeoSLAM will benefit your business and workflow, we’ll let you know which product we think is most suitable and send you a free of charge rental agreement (a credit check may be required)
  • We’ll send you a product through a courier or postal service, with everything you need to get started
  • You’ll have the product for 2 days, and you’ll have help from our team of experts local to you
  • You’ll take photos of the product once you’ve finished with it and return it to us, using the returns label provided
What can I use the demo for?

Demo in a box is an easy and quick way for you to try out our groundbreaking SLAM equipment, from the comfort of your own home. We’d suggest you do your scans within your own home/garden, depending on regulations where you are.

This scheme is not intended to be used on any commercial project.

I don’t know which product is right for me!

That’s ok, once we have your information, we’ll contact you to talk to you about the environments you’d like to work in (e.g indoor, outdoor, underground, or everywhere) and suggest the product, and accessories that we think are right for you.

Can I borrow a ZEB where I live?

Demo in a box is initially available in the US, Canada, and Europe. Please complete the form below and we will let you know if we can offer you a ZEB where you are.

Which products can I borrow?

You can borrow one product from the main ZEB family – that’s a ZEB REVO, ZEB REVO RT, or ZEB Horizon. We’ll talk to you before anything is sent to work out which product would suit you best.

Products are only available to be lent to a company, rather than an individual.

How long can I borrow a ZEB?

So we can lend to everybody who’s applied for demo in a box, you’ll have 2 days with your ZEB.

How much does it cost to borrow a ZEB?

Borrowing a ZEB is free of charge, though we will ask you to sign a loan agreement to protect GeoSLAM against any damage or loss. If loss or damage does occur, the company borrowing the ZEB will be liable.

A credit check will be carried out against the company borrowing the ZEB, depending on the outcome of the credit check, a fully refundable deposit may need to be paid before a unit is shipped to you.

Will I receive any training?

Yes, we’ll assign you a Microsol Resources and GeoSLAM contact who you will hear from through the week with help to get you started, doing your first scan, processing the data you collect, and to answer any questions you have.

What else should I know about?
  • Demo in a box is only available to companies
  • A credit check will be carried out against the company, and a refundable deposit may be required
  • Microsol Resources & GeoSLAM reserve the right to withdraw the offer at anytime
  • Demo in a box is subject to availability
  • Demo in a box is offered in condition with our general terms and conditions of sale

Interested in trying this Demo in a Box?

Just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.


Try Out Demo in a Box


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Published on April 23, 2020 in Surveying.

About the Author

David Spergel is an Applications Specialist at Microsol Resources and specializes in emerging visualization technology for architecture and construction industries. He provides training, and consulting service, and supports Microsol’s clients using software applications from Bluebeam Revu to McNeel’s Rhino, Chaos Group’s V-Ray, and Enscape. He is a Bluebeam Customer Success Representative, a Bluebeam Certified Instructor, and a 3D printing specialist. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University.