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By Anna Liza Montenegro | Digital Twin, Event

Digital twins are quickly proving to be a key strategic accelerator for digital transformation, unlocking the value created by the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics.

But what exactly is the buzz about? What is a digital twin? What elements define it? When can and should we apply this technology? What makes it so powerful? And how will its adoption influence our design process and ultimately our buildings and cities?

According to a Gartner report, with an estimated 21 billion connected sensors and endpoints by 2020, digital twins will exist for billions of things in the near future. Potentially billions of dollars of savings in maintenance repair and operation (MRO) and optimized IoT asset performance.

These questions, and more, are discussed during our TECH Perspectives webinar series on “Leveraging Digital Twin Technology”. This online conference series features one and a half long with keynote presentations from the following, followed by a moderated discussion, and direct questions from the audience. We hear from:

Salla (Palos) Eckhardt, Director of Transformation Services | Microsoft WWC Construction Lead
Salla (Palos) Eckhardt | Microsoft
William Kwon | CallisonRTKL
Sarah Dreger
Sarah Dreger | Stantec
Steve Jones - 110px
Steve Jones | Dodge Data & Analytics

About TECH Perspectives

Microsol Resources’ TECH Perspectives conferences bring together thought-leaders at the forefront of building and construction innovation to discuss new and existing technologies that are reshaping the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

Part 1 | Introductions to Digital Twin Technology

Learn how developing a digital twin strategy can help you harness the convergence of the digital and physical worlds. Watch our video recording of this first part of our webinar series from April 2021.


Part 2 | Challenges of implementing, managing, and measuring Digital Twin solutions

Digital twins are a novel and unique way to combine software and hardware. The projects require a heavy investment of both hard and soft costs. If you get it right, the payoff is worth the effort. Like with any new technology, change is constant and you may have a skills gap on your team.

This is the continuation of our discussion with Microsoft, CallisonRTKL, and Stantec in our webinar this past May 2021. The panel discussion focuses on the challenges of implementing, managing and measuring Digital Twin solutions.

This webinar is the second part of this discussion and moderated by:

  • Steve Jones | Senior Director, Industry Insights Research | Dodge Data & Analytics


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Published on April 8, 2021 in Digital Twin, Event.

About the Author

Anna Liza Montenegro develops design technology conferences for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals as a forum to exchange innovative strategies, and best practices, and facilitate discussions into the technology trends driving significant change in building design and construction. As Director of Marketing and as a trained architect, these events are offered to AEC professionals by Microsol Resources, a value-added reseller of Autodesk, Bluebeam, Rhino, Chaos V-Ray & Enscape, Egnyte and other various technology partnerships.