Starting January 7, 2023, the Discount on 3-Year Subscriptions Will Reduce from 5% To 0%

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By subscribing to any Autodesk product for 3 years, you can save money when compared to purchasing and renewing an annual subscription for the same period. Once you’re subscribed to any Autodesk product, your price is secured – the price you pay today is the same throughout.

Starting January 7, 2023, the discount on every Autodesk 3-year subscription will reduce from 5% to 0% off the suggested retail price (SRP)*. By choosing a 3-year term, customers already benefit from 3 years at the same price. With this change, customers will continue to get this price security.

This change will affect:

  • Customers who buy new 3-year subscriptions after January 7, 2023
  • Customers with existing 3-year subscriptions (including those discounted through trade-in programs like Move to Subscription and transition to named user) that renew after January 7, 2023
  • Customers trading in existing seats for a 3-year subscription after January 7, 2023

This change will not affect:

  • At SRP: Subscription renewal prices will remain 10% lower when compared to buying new
  • As discounted through trade-in programs (Move to Subscription, transition to named user): Customers will continue to benefit from no more than a 5% increase every other year to 2028

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Published on January 7, 2023 in News.

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