Revit Architecture Viewer 2012

By Microsol Resources | BIM

So, you have just had a request from the Project Manager, or worse, the “Boss”, that they want to open a copy of Revit and look around in the model and maybe print some sheets.  Now, several thoughts pop into your head:

  1. Oh my God, these guys are going to screw up the model and delay the project!
  2. If they open a copy of Revit, then I lose a usable license for production work

Have I got a solution for you! It is called Revit Architecture Viewer 2012 and is found in the Start menu:

Revit Architecture Viewer 2012 (RAV 2012) installs when you install Revit Architecture (RAC).  It modifies the startup code with a “viewer switch” : “C:Program FilesAutodeskRevit Architecture 2012ProgramRevit.exe” /viewer.

RAC starts with the normal splash screen, but when the Recent Files page is displayed, you are presented with the following dialog box:

While elements may be edited in the file, none of the changes may be saved. In addition, RAC 2012 does not pull a network license, thus preserving them for staff that needs editing capabilities.


Published on October 6, 2011 in BIM.

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