Revit 2015 R1, R2 and Update Releases

By John Semel | BIM, IT

Autodesk has released a series of patches for Revit 2015:

  • Update Release 1, on April 12, 2014
  • Update Release 2 (also labeled as “Security Update”) on May 13, 2014
  • Update Release 3, on June 16th, 2014

On September 17th, 2014, Autodesk issued a patch named “Release 2” (referred to as R2 for the remainder of this post).  This adds numerous functions to Revit 2015.  The full list of new features is available here.

R2 can only be installed on the initial release (“R1“, which is what you download from Autodesk) or on Update Release 3.  If you have already applied Update Release 1 or Update Release 2, you will need to install Update Release 3 prior to installing R2.

R2 is only available for Subscription customers, and can only be downloaded here:

Critical Note: On September 21st, Autodesk issued Update Release 4 — which is exclusively for R1.  If you updated Revit 2015 R1 to Update Release 4 or Update Release 5, you will need to completely uninstall Revit 2015 in order to update to R2!

Update 2/3/2015:  The most recent version of R2 is now Update Release 6.  Autodesk has released R1 Update Release 5, but have not yet released R1 UR6.

R2 was pushed out by the Autodesk Application Manager.  If you are using AAM and are on Subscription, you should be on R2.

R2 04

Critical Note:  A computer with R2 will also report as having “Update Release 4,” as we see below:

R2 03


It is critical that all users working on the same models, including with Revit Server, stay on the same build.  For your convenience, below are the build numbers for Revit 2015.



R1 UPDATE RELEASE 2 20140323_1530
R1 UPDATE RELEASE 3 20140606_1530
R1 UPDATE RELEASE 4 20140903_1530
R1 UPDATE RELEASE 5 20141119_1515
R1 UPDATE RELEASE 6 20150127_1515
R1 UPDATE RELEASE 7 20150303_1515
R2 UPDATE RELEASE 4 [first R2 release] 20140905_0730
R2 UPDATE RELEASE 5 20141119_0715
R2 UPDATE RELEASE 6 20150127_0715
R2 UPDATE RELEASE 7 20150303_0715


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Published on November 5, 2014 in BIM, IT.

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