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By Anna Liza Montenegro | 3D Printing

By now you should be getting the hang of printing your projects in 3D, everything from building your model, exporting to .stl, sending the 3D print job and extracting/finishing your model. You should have also gotten used to maintaining the 3D printer and have had to replace multiple cartridges of the Visijet PXL binder, HP11 print heads and added a few kegs of Visjet PXL Core into your Projet 3D printer. You should have also used up most of the consumables from the starter kit and hopefully you placed an order with us for more materials otherwise you may find yourself delayed and your print queue building up. If you have not placed an order yet continue reading to see our list of recommended materials to keep in the office for optimal printer performance and ensure you are not waiting for materials.

In the Projet x60 series there are two categories of 3D printers, the Standard line which includes the Projet 160, 260c, 360 and 460Plus 3D printers and then there is the Pro line which includes the Projet 660 and 860 3D printers. You will need to order consumables based on which line of the Projet 3D printer you own.

For the Standard line of the Projet x60 Series you will need everything in the below table except the HP57 print head, it should only be purchased if you own a 260c or a 460 Plus 3D printer, since they are the only printers in the standard line capable of printing in color. You will also need either the 454g or 2kg bottles of Colorbond not both sizes.

Projet x60 Series - Standard Consumabless Table
Projet x60 Series – Standard Consumables Table

For the Pro line of the Projet x60 series you will need everything in the below table except for the carbon filter, that can be ordered on demand as you are requested to replace it from 3D Print. Compared to the standard line you will notice the Pro series has a Visijet PXL binder cartridge for each color and a cartridge for the cleaning solution. This is because the Pro series has a higher color output and resolution compared to the Standard series. The waste trays are also replaced more frequently on the Pro series and not having one can delay your print queue until you have received your order.

Projet x60 Series - Pro Consumables Table
Projet x60 Series – Pro Consumables Table

There are a few optional items for both of the Projet x60 series 3D printers that you may want to order depending on your needs like the Colorbond dipping kit, which includes essential items for the dipping process or the StrengthMax infiltrate, which is a 2 part epoxy based solution that is a stronger alternative to Colorbond. I highly recommend keeping a box of the alcohol crush swabs, we sell because it is the best method of cleaning the Pogo card pins and HP11 print head contacts using it will ensure both components are kept clean and you will avoid any printer errors that may occur when using alcohol lower than 97%.

Projet x60 Series - Optional Consumables Table
Projet x60 Series – Optional Consumables Table

This list is recommended for our customers who print frequently, at least half of the build bed for an average of 2 – 3 days in a week. You may need to adjust the quantity of your orders based on your usage and 3D print queue. Please keep in mind the materials do expire so be sure to keep them in a cool, dark and ventilated place away from sources of heat and moisture. Remember to check the label’s expiration date and know the consumables have a shelf life of 1 year from manufacture date. So don’t go overboard on your consumables order and any expired materials should not be used in the 3D printer as it can cause a lot of issues and downtime.

You will eventually figure out what you need to keep in stock to keep your Projet 3D printer running smoothly and printing without delays, and when you need consumable please don’t hesitate to place an order with us at with a list of the materials you need and the quantity and we will have the order processed and shipped to you within 2 days.

Happy 3D Printing!

– Arun


Published on August 5, 2016 in 3D Printing.

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